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  I haven't been sharing my belly photos but I did two pro sessions with a wonderful friend and photographer here in San Diego.  The one above is the only sneak preview I have received so far from the 2nd session, taken at about 36 weeks   Here is the link to the rest of them, taken at 34.5 weeks:  http://chrystalcienfuegos.com/blog/nova-maternity-san-diego-maternity-photographer/   I'm 38 weeks today so sometime within the next 4 weeks I will have an...
May 17th, surprise!  
Meredith,   Have you looked into the MaterniT21 blood test?  It was just approved by the FDA is October as an alternative to an amniocentesis.  It is only available in 20 cities right now.  I choose to do it when my Downs Syndrome results screened positive at "1 in 39 chance" based on NT scan plus 1st trimester blood work.  I did the test the day before Thanksgiving and found out on December 6th that everything came back normal.  The MaterniT21 blood test can be done...
I ended up getting a positive pregnancy test on 13dpo by EPT Certainty (digital test). FRER tests did not pick up the hormone until day 14!
I've got big news! After using three of the First Response Early Results on 11-12DPO, I got all "official" negatives. The reason I took three was because I took each test, the first midday Monday (11dpo) and it read negative in the first 3 minutes. Now the box says anything after the time limit does not count and is an evaporation line. Well 15 minutes later I took the thing out of the trash and looked at it. It was a faint pink (test) line. You very much had to squint but...
Update for me: got a negative at 12dpo and I can feel my period on it's way in the next few days. My husband was great and I think the biggest gift is that he realizes that it doesn't always happen on the first try even with the most (presumably) fertile of couples. As I mentioned in another update, he always told me it would happen the first month so there was no reason to "hurry up and start trying". I'm glad he knows (now from experience) that it doesn't magically...
I'm out this month as I got my negative this morning 12DPO.   More in the 'ONE' thread.
No sticky bean for me this month! Tested this morning and got my negative. This was my first month trying so I am not too down.
I'm so sorry GradStudent13! I was hoping it was going to be your month!
Hi all. Of all things and places, I am at a homebirth right now attending a mom in labor and have not been able to test for my own pregnancy. Today is my 11dpo so today's first morning urine was supposed to be it but I will have to wait until I am home. The mama is 9cm so far and has been in labor for 31 hours so far! I'm very sore and tired and have no idea if I have any symptoms since I can't feel them thru my pain right now!
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