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I'm a postpartum doula who works with new moms, and I also work with some online and IRL moms' groups as a "resident expert" of sorts.   I'm torn about gas - much of my reading, research, and training says that gas problems are not that common in babies, that they used to be because of crappy formula. But, most of the new moms I know blame gas for their babies' fussiness and crying, even when gas treatments don't work. (I'm not talking about needing a burp after a...
I have the same problem with one of my tomato plants. I was just reading about it and it said it's a calcium deficiency, which is probably why eggshells are supposed to help! The site I read recommended a calcium supplement for the soil. Good luck!  
Oh! I have a compost tub in the yard but I haven't done anything with it besides put stuff in. Maybe it's time to see what's in there! I
I went on a bit of a spree this year and have 9 heirloom tomatoes (well, one is an Early Girl hybrid) in containers. Last year, I did 2 plants but didn't get much, because I didn't know anything about gardening!   This year, I want to do things right! The Early Girl has lots of tomatoes ripening slowly on it, a few others have flowers and one or two small tomatoes, and some are doing nothing! (except leaves of course). I know Heirlooms usually bloom a bit later and...
Hi all! A photographer friend of mine is looking for infants and mamas in Asheville this weekend for a photo shoot. It's nothing salesy or gimmicky or anything - she just needs some baby photos for a business website and is offering a free "mommy & me" photo shoot to anyone who wants to do it! Babies up to 4 months. Check her out laniharmon.com and if you're interested, email lani [at] laniharmon.com Thanks!
So awesome!! This is just what I was looking for!! Thanks so much, mamas!   Anyone else? Au Pair? Doula? :love:
Hi Mamas! As I've mentioned before, I'm writing an article (actually it's more of an e-book, it's getting so long!) on Finding and transitioning a caregiver (babysitter, au pair, doula, etc) and I'm looking for a few quotes to put in from moms who have had great experiences - Either with a regular, part or full time nanny, an au pair, a mother's helper, or just a babysitter. How has it benefitted your family? ESPECIALLY if you were reluctant to hire someone and then...
I used to work the family of a kid with ASD... I was also a special ed teacher, and involved with a family support group. Everyone wished they had someone like me to help out... part of my business expansion is to do respite care matching for special needs families. You just need to know where to look! Is there a college near you? Students in the Special Education dept would be a great resource!
Peony, this is great! Thanks so much... do you mind if I use snippets of this post in my article?
I definitely appreciate input about this!   Everyone's stuff is helpful, and I like knowing how you hired your sitters.  By "questions", I also meant, what were your questions about where/how to find a sitter, etc. I find a lot of my clients have lots of questions they're looking for answers to before they even get to the interview stage, or even once they've hired someone.   Keep it coming, everyone! Thanks so much :)  
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