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Switch OB's for sure :) It will be worth it. I don't ever get the flu shot (and neither do my kids, both of whom have autism and slightly weakened immune systems due to the autism.) I would certainly never get it while pregnant. I had the flu when pregnant with my daughter and it sucked but we made it through.   As far as genetic testing, that is 100% YOUR decision and the only person who should influence that decision at all, is your SO. I didn't do it with either...
I would say whatever you are comfortable with. Both of my kids were born at a hospital about 30 mins away, my son was breech and a booked c section, but I went into labor before it was booked. When we got to the hospital I was already 10cms and they rushed the surgeon in. My daughter was supposed to be a follow up c section, but I went into labor, when we got to the hospital I was 8 cms, so she ended up being a VBAC with no drugs :)   My doctor, knowing my history...
Oh my goodness, I am so very sorry for your loss.   I am not sure what else to say but I couldn't read this and not post.   Sending love and positive thoughts to you.
Thank you, both of you, for your kind words. It's hard, and I don't think it's fully sunk in yet.   Best of luck to both of you. I certainly won't be leaving the forums, and hopefully will have some good news to share in the coming months.
I introduced myself a few days ago and now I have to say goodbye to my DDC :( Found out today, that there is no longer a heartbeat (had seen it numerous time due to multiple ultrasounds that were watching a small ovarian mass.) and that the growth seemed to stop around 2 weeks ago.   Hopefully, I will be able to join a new DDC in a few months. I wish healthy, happy pregnancies and babies to all of you.
I would,  but the problem is that we just moved an hour away from where we used to live. My sitter would have to come stay with us.
Thankfully my SO is home today and tomorrow, after that it's just me and the kids during the day. I don't have any family in the same province, but if it came down to it I could call my old sitter, if she's around she would come and help with the kids.   My m/c before was at around 9 weeks, the cramps were pretty bad, I don't remember what the bleeding was like. So far the spotting I'm having is still light but the cramps are getting worse. The doctor prescribed me...
Thank you, it hasn't really hit me or my SO other yet I don't think. Right now I'm just really scared that it won't be a natural or complete miscarriage. I worry about my kids, as my 6 yr old son has autism and starts school (in a new town) on tuesday, so I guess right now I'm just worried something will happen that will keep me away from them and what they need for a few days. That sounds incredibly selfish now that I read it, and of course I am heartbroken that we lost...
Well, I guess the spotting and cramping has nothing to do with the pap. I had an ultrasound today and there is no longer a heartbeat, growth seems to have stopped at around 10 weeks. They said the spotting should be the beginning of a normal miscarriage but will have the specialist touch base with me to make sure it's progressing "normally."
Thank you for your reply :)   No real change in the spotting or cramping, so I went into emerg here, waited 4 hrs to be told my bloodwork is fine and come back for an ultrasound tomorrow morning. Feeling very frustrated for sure, hoping that baby is still ok since my last ultrasound was 3 weeks ago. I guess I will find out tomorrow.
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