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Followed the directions!!!  I already use Oak Meadow for my 3rd grader and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!  I would LOVE it even more if I could get my 4 year old started too!!!  :)
I use olive oil and sesame oil for oil pulling.  Not as gross as it sounds.  My teeth feel so much better since oil pulling. 
Thanks for all of the great info!  We are in CT and have quite a bit of research to do!!!  My husband doesn't have a good feeling about going to the hospital.  (and I don't either)  We are going to continue our search for a homebirth midwife that takes our insurance and in the mean time continue with the midwife at the hospital.  (she knows that we want a homebirth and she has had all of her babies at home so she understands) We are going to plan on staying home for the...
We are pregnant with our 3rd baby.  DS1 was born in the hospital and DS2 was a home water birth.  We chose to see a midwife that works at the hospital because we can not find a homebirth midwife that takes our insurance.  I have easy pregnancies and very easy/quick labor/births.    My concern is that I had previously thought that we can have the baby in the birth center (in the hospital) and stay for a few hours then return to our home.  But today the midwife told us...
Hello Everyone!   We are expecting our 3rd baby on Christmas Eve!!!  DS1 is 7 and DS2 is 2.   I miscarried twins a year ago so hoping that this bean sticks!!!  We werent expecting to get pregnant so fast as this was our first cycle 'trying' but here we are!    First appointment with the midwife next week and hoping we have a healthy pregnancy!  Planning on a UC birth at our farmhouse this winter!!     We and .
DH and I have been talking about homesteading for a while now.  We want to start a small group- maybe 3 or 4 families that want to work together to live off the grid.  We are experienced gardeners and can grow pretty much anything.  We live in the northeast...but are willing to move anywhere to start a 'simple life'. 
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