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Thanks for sharing! I had a VERY similar birth story with my firstborn. It sounds like you are very level-headed about the experience, but if you need additional support processing your birth, the local ICAN group is fantastic (I think you are in the Seattle area?). I credit that group to helping me achieve a VBAC the next time around! Well done on having a healthy boy and congrats!
India Inez, edd 9/21/13, born 10/8/13 (40w+ 17), 10lbs 12oz, 24", home water VBAC after 2 hr labor
I finally had my baby! I think I may be the last one, but if not, all the love and support to those still waiting! 42 + 3 days, 2nd home VBAC, 45min INTENSELY fast labor, plus a little shy of an hour pushing later and our (not so little) India Inez was born (10lbs 12oz, 24 inches long, I feel like I birthed a toddler!). I am amazed that I walked away with not even a scratch (thanks to my midwife's breath coaching). She came out with a nuchal cord and took a few scary...
I think I might be the only September mama who hasn't has her babe yet! Ugh. Lots of contractions last night, bloody show this am, but not much else to write home about. Hoping it happens in the next few days! I am so done with this and so, so tired.
Still here. I had a rough night of prodromal labor and contractions that I am sure opened things up more, but did little to produce a baby. I am going to do a lot of walking and moving today and see if things can't pick up again. Hope you other overdue mamas are hanging in there. Can't wait to introduce our babies!
I'm still with you Sparrow! Only my edd is 21st so the pressure is even greater. Trying everything I can to get things going, similar to you and also getting contractions that end up nowhere. I am crying all the time, sleeping terribly and am super uncomfortable with what I think is going to be my biggest baby yet (first two were 9.5 ish lbs).
Hooray Serafina!!! What a beautiful baby and look at that hair! Did she show any signs of post-dates (no vernix, wrinkly, etc) or was she just coming on her own perfect time?   Congrats on the speedy and succinct labor! Fingers crossed, I get the same thing (was 3cm, 70% effaced and 0 station at midwife's yesterday, so closer than I thought!)...
Serafina and all the other waiting mamas: there are some great stories on the ten month mamas Facebook page that provided some much needed support last night. Also, prodromal labor sucks! Had it for three days with my second (she was born at 42+3), however it typically means a shorter labor so that is the bright side! I would give anything to have ANY sign right now... Hanging in there!
Thinking of you Serafina! If it's any consolation, I am not even dilated, haven't lost my plug or had any real signs of labor and my 42 week mark is on Saturday! My midwife is willing to allow me a home birth if baby comes within a few days of my EDD, but I will have to have a consultation with a hospital OB on Friday. I completely relate with feeling done and uncomfortable and just plain ready to meet this little one! Hang in there, you are not alone!! Xx
Yay! Congrats! So happy your wait is over! Hopefully Oliver will inspire the rest of our hanging-on babies to make their debut! 
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