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or maybe a plan where you can pay off the amount slowly if at all possible? the first thing that comes to mind, is that the MW will be holding responsibility for your birth outcome, and most likely will want to do the pre-natals herself (to be absolutely sure) to ensure a healthy pregnancy before taking on a birth. so that she can estimate any risks/if any at all. 
hello! I had hyperemesis with my first and it required a few days of IV too. painful. hoping you are recovering well! it sounds like you have a lovely situation set up! all the best xxx
I don't think that the clitoral touching was been mentioned as a sex act, or telling a woman anything to do with sex, it is about pain relief. pain relief. not sex, not sexual, not orgasm. pain relief. 
just to add, I don't think it is appropriate for anyone to touch anyone intimately without their consent. too bad so many hospitals give cervical checks even without consent! I had a whole hand shoved up me while telling them to stop what they were doing!    I think touching the clitoris is something that was being suggested for the mother to do herself, not for the midwife to do it :) I wouldn't be comfortable with a midwife doing it either- but Im taking a "hands-off"...
I think she is referring to the double function of the clitoris to provide hormonal pain relief in labour, not exactly to sexually stimulate her. Its not that kind of moment I don't think. I feel that when people mention "orgasm" during birth, people think of it as so weird because as far as they are concerned orgasm is a purely sexual act. I think of orgasm as a hormonal rush, and as providing much needed pain relief to a birthing mother. sexuality, birth and...
with the state of most hospitals- I don't think the risks are overstated. a woman in NY died recently after her C/S as a direct result of her C/S and now, two much wanted twins are without a mother and her husband without a wife. I just mean, when it comes to breech, Id rather take my chances with a vaginal breech than a C/S. 
Okey dokey Amma Mamma, the answer to your question is in the first post I made in this thread. read it. It says, to sum up, that I believe a mother's life takes priority over her baby's life. people may think that it is crazy, but I am more afraid of dying during a C/S than I am of having a dead or injured baby. my kids need a mother. so does a new baby. The only way I would have a C/S is if there was greater possibility of me dying during vaginal birth than having a...
If you have a heart or lung condition, or a blood clotting disorder. If a mama's life is at risk. if a mama is in such bad health that she could die during labour/birth. In africa, where they are circumcised and many have misshapen pelvis' due to poor nutrition. If you have or have previously had anorexia. Im sure there re others but off the top of my head. 
I wouldn't have a c-section just because there was extra risk to the babies life. as far as I am concerned, I worry more about dying myself from a c-section and leaving my kids motherless than the fear of having a dead baby. I would rather take the 'risks' of a home birth any day over the risks of me having a c-section in a  hospital. now, if the c-section were to save my life, then of course, weighing up the risks of dying without c/s versus risks of dying with...
PLEASE STOP SHITTING ON THE FLOOR AND PISSING EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   ITS NOT FUCKING FUNNY!!!!   hoping its okay to swear. its how I feel- better at the computer, right?  third night this week spent scrubbing the carpet because my  2 and 4 y.o think it is absolutely hilarious. 
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