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I have received a flag or two on this thread. Please mind your p's and q's and do my poor wrist a favor, would ya? We want the discussion to flow freely so please keep this is mind:   http://www.mothering.com/community/a/user-agreement   I will be reviewing the flags and sending out PM's if need be.   Thank you all!!
Prosciencemum is correct. This forum is for SUPPORT. Not a debate. Every one can post as long as the post stays supportive of the OP.   Thanks ladies!
I need to hoist my  butt up onto a bike. haha carpal tunnel kicking my butt this time! No feedback on cyber shower/birth beads? ok if I do 10 post limit?
I'm going to lock the thread ladies...I just discovered way more flags in the queue I hadn't noticed re: this thread. Hope you all understand - I'll work on getting things cleaned up- Bakunin your poll will still be available for those who wish to take it.
hi ladies - re: smokers and holding babies - I just made sure all smokers washed their hands really well and changed into a freshly cleaned tee.   carp tun. <3
Alright ladies, I have received some flags on this thread. I'm going to look through the thread. If your post contains any ugliness, go through and re-edit and save me some typing time - will ya' please? http://www.mothering.com/community/a/user-agreement Mothering's User Agreement & this is the   This is the Debate forum, and the "big girl panties" forum.. So we must remember as posters in this forum that just because something ruffles feathers does not make it flag...
Thanks Cynthia
Hi y'all - Flags have been made. If you are calling people selfish, please get it out of your post and/or reword it to something nicer/more civil. We have people on both sides of the fence complaining about the others use of the word selfish. None of you are selfish - you wouldn't be here debating if you only cared for yourself. Posting to thread so the whole thread doesn't devolve in to ruin over  the accusations of selfishness. Sorry have bad carpal tunnel or...
Interesting thread, and good discussion. Definitely something to think on this weekend. :)
member hat alert! member hat alert! This is NOT a moderators opinion:     (sadly, the disclaimer is needed)   For religious reasons - we would circ. Since that is our religion and commandment, I believe that there is a reason for our good. Just that we do not yet know *why* it is done. It would be very hard for me, and I think the reason I've had all girls. ;)   If I did not believe that? I wouldn't circ.     If I did I would be very, very, very...
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