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Hi, I'm from Christchurch but haven't lived there since before I had kids. That said, most of the (not many!) people I know there parent the way you do. Which part of town are you in? I know 'crunchy' parents there who've loved their Plunket playgroups so it must be luck of the draw. Does Piko still have a noticeboard? Is there a LLL who can recommend a playgroup? Homebirth Assoc might be able to help?
Yes, the sitter issue definitely needs to be addressed before the rsvp.
Honestly, I have no problem with no kid weddings but #2 seems less offensive and pretty considerate. Would babes in arms have to be left though? Can she do kid tables for the older ones? I loved those as a child. My 4yo would be cool sitting with other kids, assuming there were some older ones there also.
I'm in the 'they'll do it when they're ready' camp. Honestly, I don't get the rush. What's the benefit of having a 7mo crawling at speed? One of mine started crawling at 5mo and, frankly, it's a huge pain. If my kids are frustrated I help them out but I feel like they're gowing up so fast anyway I don't want to rush any milestones along.
What Tinymama said. My 4.5 year old knows pink is a "girl colour" but he loves it. He has chosen a pink wetsuit, a couple of pink t-shirts. I was concerned it might be money wasted as I worried that kids would make fun and he'd be too shy to wear them again. Actually, kids haven't made fun but grown adults have made the most stupid comments ever. It is deeply annoying.
We went the pack n play route. I have a 6mo who does not stop moving ever, pretty much. If we'd put the mattress onto the floor she'd for sure be constantly rolling off it - not dangerous but not conducive to good sleep either. We can't put the bed against a wall due to room configuration. My DH travels more than he is at home, so she can't sleep between us as it's normally just me. If we wanted bed rails we'd have to do the entire bed (seriously, she moves so much) and I...
It has happened to us a lot and I've always struggled with it. We're (white) expats living in Asia. I used to say yes, now my son is older and uncomfortable with it so we say no. I don't really take photos of other people when I travel, which I guess it why I struggle with it. I agree that it's benign, I just find it uncomfortable that different looking people are tourist attractions.
I've often wondered the opposite - aside from the obviously high military and defense spending, what does the US govt spend money on so that it can't provide parental leave and health care for its citizens? I am from a place where both are paid. I assume it's all about priorities, but maybe I'm missing something?
A yeah from me too. My firstborn was a bad sleeper and it would have been lovely to be able to complain about sleep deprivation from time to time without getting advice to leave him to cry or night wean him. I bet my friends also thought I had no business complaining if I wasn't going to try their advice. Just accept that people parent differently and let it go.
Nothing. I'm surprised you've gotten to 3 without a hundred similar incidents!
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