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We are in St. Johns, too and love the community! I agree with not judging the schools by the internet score such as "great schools" and such. There are a lot of good community schools that you wouldn't know about unless you just visited the school.   Rental market is pretty tight right now, but I would also suggest renting before buying, even for 6 months or so. I think it is a good idea to explore the neighborhood and see what you like.   Good luck!
I am getting the kids each the ikea kura bed so they can have a little private space underneath. the baby will likely sleep under the preschoolers when he is out of our bed, but that will allow the bigger kids to have some special space. :)
we've used kids calm multi for anxiety/attention/ etc... it seems to have reduced the tics... but we also changed learning environments (changed schools) and this seems to have reduced the stress and tics ... and "attention" problems, too... (which was most likely under-stimulation plus anxiety provoking environment.  
Montessori all the way. Montessori spacial and math materials were my daughters best friends when she was 3-6. You can search Pinterest and other sites for ideas you can easily make at home.
there are some excellent tutors for dyslexia out there. While my son isn't dyslexic, we did work briefly with one for writing (my son appeared to be dysgraphic, but just needed some extra support there). Our tutor was amazing, and that little extra time (an hour a week) made a huge difference. She was really amazing, and we received other recommendations from families struggling with dyslexia. Good luck!
I second the idea of working with a therapist. It might be nice to have someone else to help your dd process this...
I found this video to be very helpful in understanding what ADHD is and is not, and some possible treatment options:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mqpdomdnH4   Drugs are certainly not the only treatment for sure. And each person with ADHD is very different then the next. It is long, but I found it to be so informative, it was worth the time.
I give my kids this: Peter Gillham's natural Vitality Kids Natural Calm Multi http://www.diapers.com/p/peter-gillhams-natural-vitality-kids-natural-calm-multi-liquid-30-oz-68146   and it certainly does seem to help. We are going through the evaluation now and it is helpful, and very lengthy. It has been helpful because there is a lot of stuff you can do to support executive function issues, ADHD or not.   Exercise is really good for ADHD kids, and you don't have to...
Thank you, this is very helpful. As far as the learning environment, he would do well at my other school aged children's school and he is #1 on the waiting list there. We are just waiting for the space. This is in some ways a more traditional, structured school then Montessori, but still alternative and child centered. They have a great TAG program, which is very well integrated into the whole school. My other kids are doing so well there. The public Montessori school in...
 thank you, moominmamma! I think this would work because the 7/8th is just down the hall from my son's class... so it is a contained school.
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