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Some of it might be an age thing, but he could also be 2E. What was his working memory score for the WISC?   It is possible that the lower score for him is indicative of a ADHD - inattentive issue.   This sounds a lot like one of my kids. Total space case... does super well on test, and did well in school until now (4th grade).   He is in a Montessori school, so a lot of the time management and organizational aspects of work are totally on him. And he is definitely...
I lost my dad a little over a year ago and it is terribly hard. I go up and down in grief. Some days are harder then others. I believe that he can hear me and is in heaven now. but that is a really hard belief to maintain, sometimes. it helps, but it still hurts.
holding you in peace and sorrow.
Thank you for protecting your children! And believing in them.   I am sorry that you have lost your family. I too mourn and see all these other families that are there for them, and mourn that I don't have that. We have found a new tradition of leaving town for a cozy little cabin in the mountains for the holidays! It makes it easier. Sending you healing thoughts and hugs. Glad you have a good therapist. Makes a huge difference!   Stay strong, mama!
have you tried keens? You can get them very snug. Also, they often come with loc laces (or lock laces, google them, you can buy them to add to any lace shoe). They can stay tight longer then a tied shoe (and often children can't tie them as tightly as they'd like.)
I have not read the entire thread but have to chime in about montessori. while it hasn't been perfect, and there has been some back and forth with getting the school to understand my child, it has in many ways been wonderful. he is in a 1-8th charter montessori school and they are great for academic and social needs of gifted kids.   the math is *excellent* and the writing allow a child to develop their own voice as an author. I am a huge supporter of montessori and...
I hope you can find an advocate! I have been through hostile iep meetings, and they are no fun for the parent. :( Of course a parent has a right to have input as to where her/his child will go to school!
I really like kathy's advice! your kids need to feel safe at home, her gifts make them feel scared.
I think I would check with the doc who prescribed the medicine right away. It might be a side effect of the med. Hope you figure it out!
hello Drummer's wife! yes, there is an AMI training center in my city :-) I am super excited.
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