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thank you for your reply, andromedajulie!  my sons ticks are pretty low key right now (he is 9) but really ramped up last year, and do wax and wane. When he is less ADHD (how else do I say it?) he tics way more. Like when he is really into something, he tics. His tics are mild-- like blinking, humming, and the one complex one is finger smelling (and the way he does it is very dramatic. LOL). Honestly, I agree the anxiety and moodiness is the hardest thing to handle, as a...
Hello Anj_m! Thank you for your post! I will probably be asking you what kind of IEP supports you have for the inattentiveness... right now DS is in the Montessori school, where he needs to make a lot of choices... in some ways it is good, but I feel like his anxiety would be much lower in a traditional classroom... he has trouble writing, too!
My son may have mild tourette's. He is being evaluated for ADD type behaviour... and does have tics... motor, simple, complex, and vocal....   I wanted to reach out to other families who have gone through this evaluation process and have children with tourette's...   my son in 9 and doing pretty well in school. He is very bright... but does have some issues with finishing work. His writing is terrible... but can write well (if you can read it!). He loves to read, and...
Hello 3 lilchunklins!
hello! I am a montessori parent of children in elementary and one about to enter primary (lower el, upper el, one in middle school, and a child about to enter primary). For almost 10 years I have wanted to do the AMI primary training!   I am beginning to get serious about it, and think it is now or never. But would love to connect to guides for some mentoring and encouragement.   I also want to hear your story-- what lead you to montessori? what do you find challenging...
my kids like to work at the kitchen table.
haha, I make my husband buy them! LOL   Seriously, I haven't bought a pregnancy test in public since my first... I do make my husband buy them because I get embarrassed, too. I think I would buy them online from dollar tree if you can, or just buy a bunch online from amazon if my DH refused.   hang in there, people have their opinions about everything! I don't know why they feel like they are allowed to comment on the size of our family.
and personally I wouldn't even focus on reading, but do a lot of other activities that support reading. Where's Waldo, I spy books, are great for visual scanning and decoding. Puzzles, are also awesome for developing reading skills.   It is pretty common for bright children to know all the letters, etc. for awhile, and not have reading click. Your child knew when to sit up, crawl, and walk when she was ready--that same internal motivation will also allow her to read at...
I think it really helps to model it, and just make it the reality. So when she has a mess or a chore to do, just say, "Oh, let me help you!"  It won't happen overnight, but eventually she will realize it is good to help, because then others will help her.
I wouldn't push at all and just read her stories, and let her read on her own. She doesn't need to perform or demonstrate anything. If she has the ability, then it is there whether she shares it or not. Respect her ability and that it is her ability to decide what to do with it.
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