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this is why I freaking love mdc!  forever and ever...   okay so I did take it and put the glass dish on top of a silicone muffin thingy (cause it was still hot!).   I guess my thing is that it couldn't really cool off that much, and our fridge kinda sucks. but I put it in there... and then took it out to reheat later... .but it is kind of superstitious?     I have a food service background, and typically stick to the 2 hours out of the fridge rule for meat and...
I love to do this Organized Christmas! http://christmas.organizedhome.com/christmas-countdown   It is really fun... and hey, no better motivation to clean the house then Christmas, right? :-)   We basically do not do gifts. If the kids want/need something I figure out how to get it before Christmas. Instead, we rent a cabin in the mountains and ski, sled, tube, and play in the snow. Last year when we did this, it was amazing and magical. We had so much fun without the...
really I think the best have either been super traditional games... pin the tail on the donkey, sack races, 3 legged race, pinata (you can easily make a pinata at home out of paper mache.)   That and free play! Are you on pinterest? there are tons of birthday ideas there....   :-)
I have 2 in December (turning 4 and almost 7) and then my birthday... so yes, we do a combo birthday. We do a family birthday and an event/friend birthday, so they each get their own birthday night (they pick dinner, and we make a dessert that they pick or cake) and then a group birthday for the friend/event. We usually go tubing on the mountain for the Dec birthdays. They seem to like sharing the party!
So I made dinner ahead of time, so I wouldn't have to cook tonight, since we will have a busy evening. But ... now what do I do with it? It is still super hot (potatoes, carrots, and chicken breasts all in one pan roasted in the oven)...   Do I take it out, cook it, and put it in the fridge ? (it i now 12:35 pacific time) or can I just leave it in the oven until dinner and then reheat? Is that a no no for food poisoning?    What do you do?   THanks!
Check out Stonz Shoes! They are the best.
No, momtoafireteam, this is actually a nice reality check!  I wish that there was a hybrid minivan/van. I am going to hold out for that day. Because I do hate giving all my money to gas companies! We do not homeschool, and 2 of my kids take the train/street car with their Dad to school. So really it is me, Second Son, and two littles. So a regular old minivan is just fine for us. We do take frequent road trips, and when everyone is squished in there during a road trip, we...
very cool! What kind of seat configuration do you have going on? what kind of gas mileage do you get for city/ hgwy?
chicken soup sounds really good right now.
Catholic Mama, have a super birthday month!
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