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my mom does the whole "I am so worried about you" but honestly, I think that is really just a smoke screen. Having a large family makes some people uneasy... I am happy for you!  
I love reading this thread, too! Welcome All!  
It is super nice when you hear nice comments!  It really makes your day. One day this gentleman stopped me in a park and asked in they were "all mine." I said yes... and prepared for the worse... and he then told me how he grew up in a household of 8-- 7 bio kids and then 2 foster/adopted kids. He then told me how much he loved it, because there was always someone to play with, and always something fun happening. He told me to keep up the good work!    It was really nice...
we live in an old farmhouse (but it is in a city, but really old and farm house style)--  2 bedrooms up (one big one, one medium one) and then one small one down. The biggest kids (12 and 9) share a room, and then the middles (girl 6, boy 3) and the baby is with us.... One bathroom, too. No garage, or really much storage space at all. The best thing is that the yard is nice and big! I would like to move to a 4 bedroom, or have a second living room so the kids can have a...
zjande, I love the idea of not folding clothes! Is it hard to then switch to them folding their own? I guess it doesn't really matter... I am really trying to get the stuff under control... my 2 oldest are "collectors" and like to collect... random stuff! LOL But considering we are 7 people living in an old, small 3 bedroom... we are doing pretty well. It is things like books and random things that are difficult to manage, sometimes. And clothes.... I think the big ones...
mud. my kids will play for hours in the mud... sand boxes are a good second. walk around the neighborhood.  
It really depends on what is going on for us... sometimes we watch a movie, sometimes a couple shows. We just do netflix now, so it is easy to turn it off... I have been working on a project for work (I work at home) that is heavily video focused, and so I have been watching a lot more parts of clips lately... that is kind of hard to explain to my 3 year old... :-/  
mataji4-- I noticed you are in Oregon, too. Sauvie Island has you pick peaches for $1.50 per pound! I am pretty sure that they are spray free (may not be organic, but most produce on SI are spray free because of the nature preserve.
YES! It does take so much time to prepare food and grow it. And I love it too! My DH cooks * a lot* -- he cooks most of the dinners and frequently breakfast. But I do all the bread and gardening. We are blessed to live near a lot of you picks and farms, so we pick a lot of berries for jams (DH is really good at canning), and veggies.   We do eat a lot of rice and beans.... We don't eat meat that frequently -- maybe 2-3 times a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Good...
Wow, genniemom! I love that you hang with your family everyday!  What for for all the kids! welcome to the group! We practice NFP, too and are in the 'we are done having kids' holding pattern now. so it is a weird way to practice nfp, but I really love it.  I think it really builds trust and communication with my DH.   Welcome!  4.5, 2 and 5 months --sounds perfect!
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