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Hurray! Congratulations! What a wonderful story.
Yes, restaurants! Lulabelle's is the best. It's downtown. I think it's on Bird, and it's next door to the flood wall. It's a good restaurant, and pretty much the only place I eat out in Hannibal. Mom tells me there's a Tea Room that's fabulous, but it's a lunch place so I haven't been there. Oh, and the Mexican restaurant at 61 and Pleasant is excellent. I eat there too. Gran Rio Mexican Restaurant, in Steamboat Bend shopping center (the northernmost end of the shopping...
Oh, I'm from Hannibal, but I live in St. Louis now. It's a darling town to be a small child or settled-down adult in. No good as a teenager. My mom and dad and brother (14) live there. They live on Center St. My mom is super duper nice and I can put you in touch with her if you want any info on where to live, etc. If you're artsy at all, Hannibal has a pretty decent art community, including my mom. If you like drama, they have a darling community theatre.
Great job getting a bill in and educating some legislators!
We're in Rock Hill, which is Webster schools. We love the area. The taxes are high but yes, they go to good places so we don't mind. When moving out of the city, keep in mind the cost of trash collection, water, and sewer. These are much lower in the city.
Did you guys have a good time?
We have some spots available for individuals or couples, $20 per person. Reservations recommended to Samanda fommsrossi@sbcglobal.net or (314) 225-7891.
It is at a Masonic lodge. We're not allowed to give you beer, but what you bring and drink on your own is your choice.
Kirkwood is exclusive? Kirkwood is pretty big. I suspect there are parts that are more entry-level. If you're in an apartment, you're bound to be near other people in apartments, right? I know some nice people in Overland, too, although my first reaction is to prefer Kirkwood.
You can never map out ALL the possibilities. My reason to transfer was an unusual one: a cyst appeared in my vagina after many hours of labor, and the midwives didn't know what it was. They worried it could be a blood vessel, and if it burst it would be dangerous. The OB/GYN at the hospital glanced at it, said "cyst" and knew it was harmless. That is their specialty, after all. I was also at 9.5cm for over 12 hrs at that point, but they would have let me stay home and...
New Posts  All Forums: