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I hope I didn't run everyone off. Dh and I went to see the house yesterday and I was so excited about having central heat and air that I took a picture of the HVAC unit and the little controller in the house. I know that is silly but, we have had window units for air and a wood burning stove and radiator heaters for 10 years. I've been hot and cold for the summers and winters. Well, the wood burning stove sometimes got too hot. Anyway, for me, it will be nice to wake up...
Quote: Originally Posted by Holiztic Us too. The position he is in while nursing (lying down) to sleep is pretty much it for the night. When he is done nursing, he usually throws his top arm over my breast like it is a teddy bear and goes right to sleep. Sometimes DH wakes up and can't even tell if we are nursing-- he is that close!! Once I really felt the need for some space, so when he was sound asleep, I gently scooched him about 5 inches from me. He...
3:45 is being dedicated!! I used to run @ 5:30 but there is no way I could go @ 3:45!!! Where we are moving will be great because it is really hilly and there are trails we can walk so that will be fun.
I have info. PM me if you want it and are interested. BTW - It is on Monday, not today.
Quote: Her Visitation is at Brown Funeral Home in Elizabethtown Ky from 1 pm to 3 PM with her funeral starting at 3 pm. I think I may be too late for this. I am not sure. If I had an address, I would have flowers delivered to her house since the funeral is today. What do I do now?
Quote: Originally Posted by Firsttimepreggers I would love to send flowers or something if anyone knows her IRL... I felt the same way this morning. Well, I added her to my MySpace and she put up a bulletin telling where the funeral is and the town. If there was some way we could all donate a little and get her some flowers, I'd be up for that. I looked and they could be ordered online and sent to the funeral home. We would have to be kinda...
I am so sorry for your loss. : You and your family are in our thoughts. :
Firsttimepreggers - that is really cool. How did Hannah like it? Did she sleep pretty good? I tried that with ds1 but he insisted on being in the bed with us. There was no way around it or no one was going to sleep. He's not a great sleeper though, even now. I am also still around the same weight as I was at like 4 weeks pp. It just seems to be sticking, although, I haven't done anything to try to get it to unstick.
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