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Where the heck is everyone? How are the cute little bambinos? Ashton is still growing and cooing and smiling but he hasn't rolled over yet. I'm not expecting him to for a few more weeks at least. I had my last midwife visit today. She enjoyed cuddling Ashton for a little bit. That was the first time she seen him because she wasn't the attending midwife when I birthed him. All is normal in reproductive-land. Dh says no more children ever, but it seems like no one else is...
Hi Shelby!! Welcome to MDC!!! I am also from TN. I live about 30 mins south of Nashville - at least for now.
I am the same way about "good" baby or "bad" baby. Babies don't know to be good or bad. They are just expressing themselves the only way the can. I believe babies show their temperments but that doesn't mean they are good or bad.
I haven't posted in a while. I haven't had much time to do so. Ashton has yet to go to the ped. : I guess I need to get on it and take him. I did weigh him at my friend's house earlier this month and he weighed 12.8lbs. I am not sure how much he weighs now because that was a couple of weeks ago, just a few days before he was officially 2 mos old. He is doing really well and still seems to be pretty content. He went on his first road trip about 6 hours away. He did really...
Quote: Originally Posted by kewpie-o A couple weeks ago, I took DD to Target during her "fussy time" of the night (what was I thinking?? : ) and she screamed all through the store. That was back when she was rejecting all types of slings/carriers (she tolerates the Ergo w/ the infant insert sometimes now), so I brought her stroller. I ended up pushing the stroller w/ a screaming baby in my arms the whole time. She was fed, diapered, and burped.....just...
That sucks. I am dreading the return of AF. I got it at 7 mos pp w/ ds1 but I am worried it will come quicker this time. I guess because I continued to nurse throughout pregnancy and bf may not keep it away this time. I guess I'll find out soon enough.
I love the pictures of all the babies!!! They are so precious!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Queen of my Castle I give Eva a doodoo too- (that's sounds funny written out!). She actually doesn't always want it, but there are some times she just wants to suck, and not nurse. I know it's not popular with some, but I think some babies just want them, and it makes it easier! A Elijah didn't have one. I was really glad for the most part. I didn't want to give Ashton one either but I tried it with him because he...
I quit weighing. It became too frustrating. One day I was 5 pounds down from a previous weigh and then a few days later the 5lbs was back. I am not eating like a monster or anything and I was trying to walk at least 3x a week but . . . it got difficult for the little ones. Ashton got hot and Elijah got bored so maybe I'll try again soon. I refuse to weigh though.
I'm sorry. I know how you feel. My 2yo ds has hit his brother with his hand and threw the phone at him and ds2 isn't even one month yet. Both incidences occured while I was holdingbthe baby. I tried to protect him but I wasn't fast enough. Peanut seems to love his brother but I don't think he understands that what he was doing was harmful.
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