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He sounds like an idiot. "Meritless qualms." That's rich. Even the people who downplay vaccine risks admit they exist.
Lately ads have become a huge nuisance in the mobile site. Without having to first be "triggered" an ad will appear which obscures most or all of a given thread post. There does not seem to be a way to retract these ads, nor does clicking them solve the problem. I think this is a terrible way to advertise.
Oh no you poor thing. I hope it doesn't make you sick.
I wonder about this one, too, as my DDs are in the age range to consider it. For what it's worth I had meningitis, myself, a few years ago. It was viral. I was never hospitalized, though I was given a spinal tap in the emergency room to diagnose. It was absolutely awful. The worst I have ever felt. I was very slim when I got sick, and I lost almost twenty pounds during my illness. Several days passed where I was bedridden and insensible from the pain, just moaning and...
I would recommend the book Vaccine Epidemic.
That's pretty awful. I hate this perpetual glossy oversimplification. People like the author are either fools or calculating tyrants.
Serenbat, I love your warm water thermos suggestion. What a great idea! I have older, school aged, kids and a new baby who was born in late September, too. I do worry some about what they might be bringing in, but as others have said, I just focus on boosting their health as much as possible and making sure they wash hands when they come home, etc. We use baby wipes (though i am excited to try a less wasteful alternative) and wipe down cart handles etc when we're out,...
Serafina, do you have 2 older kids? I was 34 when I had my DS1, who is now 2 1/2. I felt the same way- really didn't want them too close because of how dificult that is (for everyone!) but didn't want spread it out so far that I'd be having another baby at 40. So we tried to split the difference. It is a conundrum, for sure!
Vc, I'm sorry. We have had fights like that, too. And I feel like he's almost competitive about how sleep deprived he is- like yours he tells me he wakes up every time the baby does, etc. I want to choke him when he says that- because if he really was up, why didn't he help? So sorry my nighttime struggles disturbed your perfect sleep, precious! Ah, but right now we're getting along ok and kids are sleeping ok, so I can't complain- but I can relate. Hope y'all sort it out...
New Posts  All Forums: