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They're so cute!! They look so much alike in that picture- are they resembling each other more as they get older?
Ok, #4 is here- so I'll update 1. 41+3 2. 40 3. 39 4. 38+3
Congratulations! What a big guy! I love his name
Congratulations! She's a big, good looking baby! Thanks for sharing
Greentomato, sounds like the timing is just perfect then- baby waited till your project was finished and maternity leave began, and might even wait long enough for you to complete your checklist! Hope you're feeling good & getting to relax!
Thanks! Yeah, I feel the same way! It's even a little anticlimactic to have made the name decision, finally. Right before he was born I said to DP that I wish this were twins because we had two names I love picked out and it was going to be sad leaving one behind. And then we did that thing where we called him by one name for a whole day before realizing it didn't fit his personality! I'm just happy we made that decision before we submitted the birth cert paperwork.
Thanks! This little guy is all about nursing! I don't remember any of my other kids taking to it so well or so quickly, with no problems latching, etc, at all! I'm in awe. And I am constantly feeding, as my milk is just starting to come in. So I'm up all hours
He's beautiful.
Adrian Rowe, EDD 9/30, born 9/20, 8lbs 6oz.
Congrats! I was wondering about you! I love his name!!
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