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Haurelia, your son's expression is so sweet! What cute kids! Lilmamita, Simón is adorable! Aidenn, River looks so alert and intense! Little smarty CDsmom, I love how interested he is in his new baby
Yeah, I gained 30 but want to lose 40, ultimately. I think I may have a broken rib, and having the binder on does seen to make that pain more bearable. It feels funny to take it off, with everything being kinda loose. I'm with you, haurelia, about not being worried about weight loss for a while. All the same, I'll be curious to weigh myself next time I have a chance.
It's a squeem. I ordered it from Amazon. Only problem is i ordered the size L and I think I'll need a M very soon.
I only gained about 30lbs this time, and it's only day 2 postpartum. No idea about weight as we don't have a scale, but I wanted to say I put on my abdominal binder yesterday and it is AMAZING. I've taken it off once, and I already look better than I did at several weeks postpartum with DS1. I'm so excited.
Thank you! Aidenn, it was a wonderful hospital experience. I would absolutely recommend the place to anyone close enough to take advantage of it. My last was a homebirth after two abysmal hospital experiences, but last year I was treated at this hospital for complications following a miscarriage, and we were amazed at their facility and the staff. They call it a childbirth center, and it really was more like a birth center than any hospital I've seen
On Wednesday evening while grocery shopping with DS1, I felt a little warm gush and suspected that my water might be leaking. I didn't say anything to DP right away, but when I got home I tried to lay down and get in different positions in order to see if it would happen again. I did get one more small gush, but still nothing that convinced me. I told DP but then felt like it was a mistake because he got SO excited and wanted to rush off the island immediately. Instead,...
Congrats Momzilla!!
She's beautiful! Congrats! What an awesome birth and such a big girl!
Congratulations, Mama Ana!!
Congratulations!! Glad everything went well and you were able to avoid induction.
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