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Congratulations! He's adorable, and I love his name
Vc, my contractions were always worse in the evenings, too. I've tended to ignore them unless they're truly painful- the ones I could honestly just describe as "uncomfortable" didn't count toward my labor watch, because I had sooo many of those that I'd've been on the phone to my OB constantly if I'd called every time there were 4+ in an hr. Gotta hope all those nights of contracting are progressively bringing you forward! I hope the timing works out so that you're able...
Oh boy! That's exciting, vc!! I hope it picks up for you soon so you'll know what to say to your friend. Is she the flexible type? Good luck!
Haircut, here, too. When my DDs were about 4 & 2, I took a break from making thanksgiving dinner and walked in to a suspiciously quiet room in time to see DD1 frantically stuffing play scissors and handfuls of hair under a pillow... then I looked at DD2. She looked like a child who'd grown up in the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust, living with rats. Hair cut all around her head, in some places almost to the scalp. It was dramatic.
Congrats! Sorry it didn't go as you'd hoped. It sounds like you made the right decisions for the situation, and the result is a perfect little girl you have such cute kids!
I declined hepB but accepted vit k for both my 2yo DS and my newborn DS. I knew hepB was a very low risk, so the risks of the vax (esp to a newborn) outweighed the benefits, IMO. Vit k I have always been on the fence about. I tend to think it is probably an unnecessary intervention in most normal births, and that by giving the amout we give we're screwing with something we really don't understand. That said, what you're trying to prevent with it is pretty scary. I remain...
I love the pictures on this thread so much! Finally have some to add Adrian, on his birthday Edit: last minute baby name change from Ari to Adrian!
Our baby boy was born a little after midnight, 8lb 6oz, 19". Will update more later
Well that full moon is working its magic. Water broke- going in now
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