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Exciting!! Will be looking forward to updates!
Congrats!! She's adorable! I've been thinking about you, Tilly- glad things are ok, and I hope things get easier as she gets bigger & stronger!
Some of the most ridiculous "analogies" I've seen yet. I suggest a course in logic and rhetoric.
Beep, good news about her size! This is your second, right? I know things can happen quickly, especially in moms who aren't first timers- maybe your body will make things happen pretty fast, closer to your induction date- good luck! Gosh, I'm just a hormonal mess. I spent all morning crying and even thought about calling a crisis hotline just to have someone to talk to.
I do know what you mean. Last year on September 29 I had a miscarriage, and this year my due date is September 30. There's something comforting and cathartic about that. I hope this pregnancy is healing for you and that it's super healthy and perfect in every way.
That's wonderful, aoifesmiles!! Congratulations! An April baby, then? Yay!!
That's awesome. So true.
Howdy! Due 9/30 with baby #4 (joining DD17, DD15, and DS2), and expecting a boy. We fully expect and intend this to be our last.
CDsMom, that sounds like she's hitting your cervix with her movements. I get those too, shocking, sharp pains. They're no fun For me, a contraction feels like a tightening, with or without pain, that takes my breath away (a little or a lot depending on how bad the contraction is) and I can feel my whole belly seize up, like a ball.
Vc, I just took it and it gave me an alt due date of September 28, rather than the 30th. So we've switched places, lol
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