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I think it'd be nice to increase our traffic back on this site- I kinda miss it! What would make the ddc here more appealing? Any discussion topic ideas? Games? Just thinking...
Welcome! My little guy was born on 9-20. This site has been depressingly inactive the last few months, I'm afraid, but I'm glad you're here. I keep hoping it'll pick back up! Congrats on being able to EP so long, too! That's impressive
Ah, yeah. Sex is a touchy subject around here. We started up rather early I guess- before the 4 week mark, anyway- but it isn't happening often. Probably once a week or less on average. My sex drive is great, I think DP is very attractive, he is ALWAYS ready... But I'm just so tired. We don't have many evenings together and when we do I just want to sit on the couch and watch an episode of a show on netflix. I enjoy sex very much when we do it, but it mostly just feels...
My 2.5 yo DS vastly prefers me, too, and it sucks. DP is very sensitive and a wonderful, loving dad, and I know it hurts him to be rejected constantly by this kid he adores. I also dislike the extra pressure it puts on me, but mostly I feel bad for DP. It definitely helps for DP to spend more concentrated time with DS, but DP took a new position this summer which has him working 50+ hrs/week, so carving out time to spend alone with DS is harder for him. Plus, it usually...
Can y'all switch places, him taking dd2 and you dealing with dd1? (Sorry so brief. Dinners gonna burn...)
I'm doing ok, but I also worry about my DP and how little he gets. It's similar to yours, Tilly- about 4-5 hrs per night. I can tell he's frazzled and moody because of it, and I worry about him. A lot of it is scheduling unrelated to the baby, but I can't get him to make changes...
Blairmichelle, drinking a pint of stout beer every night or every other night works amazingly well to increase my supply. I also think mothers milk tea is fantastic.
Aw, she's so cute!
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