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Welcome, Kakuna :)   I feel some of the things you're describing, honestly.  I have been somewhat ambivalent about this pregnancy all along.  I am not a first time mom, though, so part of my ambivalence comes from my awareness that as awesome as a new baby will be, he will also be a ton of work, and with a two year old who keeps me exhausted all the time, I'm just not as excited about adding to my work/worry load.  As my due date approaches I feel more anxiety than...
Sounds worrisome, Mrs&mrs- I hope the specialist gives you the news you're hoping for.  And that the icing, etc, does the trick for turning that guy around!   Ahhhh, I am at a loss as to what to do about my care providers.  I called the only practicing MW on the island (we moved last week) and she retired two weeks ago.  She said most women go off island to give birth because it can take a long time to get off by ferry in case of emergency, and there is a long gap in...
I can imagine how hard it must be not to get up and play with your DD.  My DS is two, also, and that kid wears me out.  I am actually a little anxious about how we'll handle me needing to be less active with him post partum.  It's good that you've got some support around to help you with her, but I'm sure you don't want to be separated from her all day while she's at your sister's.  Try not to feel guilty about the separation- you didn't choose to end up in this...
I'm glad she's showing some improvement.  Fingers crossed for a full recovery. 
PhD.  I hope to at some point, when I finally get the ball rolling with graduate school again... though at this point I'll be geriatric.   Would you rather drive an older car and have maintenance costs periodically but no car payments, or a new car with a monthly car payment but no maintenance issues?
Interesting idea. I don't think I'd have an issue with nursing someone else's child, but, yeah- the time demand would be too much for me to reasonably consider. I did give milk to a friend for a time while she was struggling with supply issues and using a supplemental nursing system. I just pumped whatever side DS was not on and saved all the milk for her. That's probably as close as I'd be willing to come to wet nursing, though.
False, unless you think working all weekend and cleaning up at the house we just vacated sounds interesting. Meh. The person below me is tall.
Congratulations!! Sounds like a challenging ordeal for sure, but you sound like a very strong woman. Congrats on getting her from bottle to breast, too- I hear that's no small feat. Thanks for sharing
Bakunin, this whole thread is about legal liability. My earlier post was in response to the idea that the "cabin case" could win. Doubt it.
V is for Vincent.
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