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I would also go with the PW hospital. My fear of birthing in a hospital is based totally on the bad treatment and disregard for my wishes I've received in my experience with hospitals, and if I were pretty sure I had the choice of going to a place where my wishes would be honored and I'd be treated respectfully, I'd opt to go there even if the accommodations are less cosy. I do understand your dilemma, though!
S is for Stacie
I've been thinking about this issue lately, too. My DS spontaneously self weaned right after he turned 2 in June. This was a total surprise to me, as he was very attached to nursing right up till the end. It's been over a month now, and he has only rarely expressed interest. When he does, I let him. I always said I wanted to nurse him till two then reevaluate, but truthfully I imagined he'd continue till around three before I'd consider weaning- so I'm a little sad that...
B is for Beck
That's great, MamaMash!  So good to get some positive news!  :)
Ah, I LOVE Valentine!  We actually tossed that name around for a day or two for this little guy.  Val... <3   W is for Willem
I don't worry about alcohol and breastfeeding much, either. I read an explanation on this forum once that said alcohol in milk is similar to alcohol in blood, so even if you were intoxicated the amount of alcohol in your milk is similar to that of a non-alcoholic beer (which does have just a wee bit). Of course, if I were really drunk, I think there'd be other reasons I probably shouldn't be holding a baby, lol
M is for Marcell
aidenn, what is back labor as opposed to regular (?) labor? I've never been told anything specific about what I'm experiencing. I know I feel menstrual cramps in my low back, and that's basically where I have felt labor- but everywhere else, too. I'm actually quite nervous about birth this time. It's the worst pain I've ever experienced and I'm not ready to do it again!! vc- when are you due? I'm due sept 30, and it sounds like you must be about that same time. Today's...
It's actually kind of fun- I bought this kiss my face bar soap the other day, it's lavender and olive oil, and I've never been so clean in my life! I love the smell of it so much I could wash with it constantly. I don't have any desire to eat it, thank goodness!
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