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My baby is one month old today, and it's been a rough month for my 2 year old DS. My older kids (teenagers now) are 25 months apart so I knew from experience to expect a difficult transition, but this has been even harder than I was prepared for. DS1 is very strong willed and "spirited", but until recently he's generally has a happy disposition so even when he's been a challenge he's bounced back quickly. Now that's all been turned on its ear. He is having tantrum after...
I live in the PNW too, and I don't talk to many people about vaccines but the place where I live has actually gained some notoriety for how many vaccine abstainers live here. I am really dismayed that a private medical issue like this has been successfully framed by marketing forces as everybody's business, so much so that near strangers feel comfortable bringing it up.
To answer the OP's question, the only person I know IRL who has asked this is a woman I just met. We connected through an acquaintance because we have similar age kids and were both expecting new babies. She invited me to get together via email but specified without asking our status that she only wanted to have play dates with fully vaccinated families. I just responded in a friendly way to the other content of her email, ignoring the invite and the vax issue. If I'd...
Thank you I wrote a long post and got my feelings hurt when there were a bunch of views but no response. I don't always respond to what I read, so I shouldn't expect everyone else to, but it's been a rough couple of days and I was grouchy. I'm sure we'll make it work, I'm just feeling bad about how hard this transition has been for my 2 year old DS. Thanks again for your kind words.
What an epic birth! You did a great job staying flexible as things got more complicated. Thank you for sharing and congratulations on the birth of your sweet little son.
We cosleep like that, too. I keep the blankets lower down, though not quite all the way to my waist, and I wear a light open fronted sweater so my arms are covered. It used to be a nice sweater, but it's become my "sleep thing" these last few years of cosleep/breastfeeding. Last night the baby spit up all over me and I stripped down to my sleeping bra. I was so cold but it would've sent DS1 (woke up bc of baby crying) over the edge if I'd left the bed to go get a new shirt...
Deleted for lack of reader response. I posted looking for support, not to entertain lurkers.
Yeah, I think I've hit a plateau, too. I'm ten pounds away from my pre preg weight as of yesterday, so 20-25 away from my pre ds1 weight. Not in a huge hurry, but I did hope a little more would fall right off!
Darn. The link doesn't work for me.
What cute little people!! Freckledmama, I love your sweet photoshoot Sylvia's a good subject. I love her "get this bow off me!" pose. Sarah, Nora looks sooo happy with that massage! That's an awesome picture I love her thumb sucking, too. Suzie, Gabriel is such a handsome guy! Love his stylish hair do Here's my little Arie, posing for birth announcement photos. We ended up going with the first one.
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