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You can find a thin connection in the denotative meaning of the words. The connotative meanings, however, are more relevant. JMO.
No, we don't swaddle either. I can never bring myself to pin their little arms down!
Congratulations! What an ordeal- I can imagine how frustrated you must have been when you were having your requests ignored, and in the middle of great pain. He is beautiful. Glad you both are well!
It's really harsh to call someone's argument "not valid," don't you think?I think she made a great point.
I have to say, I dislike the characterization of posters here as prosteletizers for one agenda or the other. I don't care if others choose whatever medical options they want for themselves and their families. I just don't want to be afraid that by abstaining from or delaying some or all vaccinations for my kids, I'll make us the target of a marketing-driven witch hunt, and the way things have been escalating in the US makes that fear seem legitimate. I don't post here to...
Congratulations! He's precious!
Yeah, no more ribcage pain!! That's huge! Walking upstairs without getting winded A guilt free glass of wine Being able to roll over without great difficulty Painting toenails and shaving I do sort of miss feeling him move inside me, though.
Mrsandmrs, my girls are like that- not twins but full sibling- they look very different from each other. You probably wouldn't guess they were sisters if you didn't know. When did you start introducing pacifiers? I don't remember when we did with DS1. I've had 2 kids who took to them and one who did not, and I am very pro-binky.
I can vouch for the difficulty- and relative brevity- of having a newborn and a toddler. My DDs are 25 months apart, and the year following DD2's birth was the hardest I've ever experienced. It was a nightmare having my first child act out and go from being my sweet baby to an uncontrollable beast. Not only was she extremely challenging, but my responses to her behavior were overly harsh and reactive, which lead to a lot of guilt and only exacerbated the behavior...
New Posts  All Forums: