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Oh mama, I know that well. I was so filled with anxiety before and after my girls were born. They spent 3 months in the NICU and I fought SO hard to get them home, when they finally arrived I went to pieces. This is totally not PC but I took Xanex for the first 5 days after they came home. I was so worried that I was crying all the time and had horrible nausea, I couldn't keep anything down. I normally NEVER take drugs, even for a headache but it was necessary for me in...
What is SA?
11 months old. I saw that thread but those kids are much older then mine.
11 months
So we are a no vax family and I know all the arguments about the vaccine for whooping cough and how it does not prevent contracting. All that being said, my twins were exposed to whooping cough at our baby class on Tuesday and I just received an email informing me today. I called my doc and left a message with his nurse for him to call me back. I was reading something about vitamin C? Anything else we can do to help the girls? Can you even get the vaccine after you have...
My twins were born at 29 weeks from a twin-to-twin transfer. Sorry momma, I know the trama and it is NOT easy. I still have PTSD from all that happened. I am a super crunchy mom too and I have made some compromises but I did NOT compromise on vaccines. My doctor suggested a delayed schedule because they were so premature, he did not want to overload their systems. That gave me time to research the effects of vaccines on preemies and from there I decided not to vax at...
They are the 3rd set of identical twins in my family. Yes, not all twins want the same thing. I am just annoyed when people say "I'm not a mom of multiples BUT..." Really you just don't know until you have a set of multiples.
  I was super nervous too...ok for at home but not when out and about then ok all the time but not in car or at night then ALL THE TIME!!! I suddenly got brave :) I also realized over time that wool does not leak like PUL covers so I was converted. Our next babies will all be wool babies from day one!
I don't think that kids 2.5 years apart is anything like twins.
We get 1 good night for every 3 or so nights. The girls tend to sleep for about 4 hours and then wake OFTEN. Please tell me what works for you! I only ask that you keep in mind we are a family bed and will not change that and I will not let my children "cry it out". Other then those I am open to change
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