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Oscar Steven arrived last night (4/30) at 9:00 pm. He weighs 10 pounds 11 ounces and is 21 inches tall!   Pics and a birth story to come soon!  I love him so much!  
    Oh Onemore! Your post made me laugh and cry at the same time! I too feel like I could sneeze this guy out. And I'm fairly certain he's at least 10 pounds. This is likely my first and last pregnancy. We've talked about adopting number two if that time ever comes. But like you said, no concrete decisions made yet.  In any case, your words helped put my frustrations into perspective. I should be enjoying this time... this itchy, swollen, sleepless time. :)    
Love the mucus plug chat! I might be weird, but I thought mine was pretty amazing. And when I flushed it I said a little thanks (like, thanks for protecting my baby for so many months!). :)   I just wish the loss of the plug would have helped get this show on the road!
She's so beautiful! Wow! Congratulations!
Good luck BlessedOne!!  
Is anyone else with this rash having a hard time discerning itch pain from braxton or real contraction pain??
Totally stalking the boards today. And I don't know why BubbleMa, but the dancing fruits and veggies make me even more excited!!! Yay!!!!!      
Blessed, you crack me up!   Denver, good luck!!   And thanks for all of the encouraging words about big babies. I had my acupuncture appointment last night and so far nada. My cramping has lessened and I'm just hanging out, growing a baby.
I'm officially due in two weeks (somewhere between 5/9 and 5/11).   I'm really nervous that if I go 40 weeks this little dude will be over 11 pounds!
Sky, you look fantastic! And your baby girl is just as beautiful! I'm so happy to see you cozy at home. And I love the leopard print. :)
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