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Yes please SaguaroMoon, I was thinking the same thing!    
I have this issue as well. I've read that you can tip forward to help empty your bladder. I do this all the time now. Often it helps, sometimes I still have the "I have to pee again!" feeling.  
Me neither! And I had a chance to go THIS WEEK for a work conference, but I declined and decided to stay home knowing I would be terribly uncomfortable - and not entirely thrilled with the thought of Mickey Mouse delivering my preterm baby!   I love Scully and Mulder! I missed out in the 90s and just started watching it on Netflix. I totally dig it!
  Can you post a picture of your birth skirt? What else will everyone be wearing/start out wearing? My midwives said most women end up naked by the end. :)  
I measured 40 today! I'll be 34 tomorrow.   I also had an ultrasound and they estimated his weight at 7 lbs 10 oz!   This will be one big little boy.   Also, off topic, but on the subject of crazy hormones, on my drive to the appointment, the Cranberries came on the radio ("You've got me wrapped around your finger...") and I burst out in tears. I don't know why. Because he already has me wrapped around his little chubby baby finger? <3
Cristeen, can I come and live at your house?!   I'll do dishes.    
Sorry you're dealing with this Jynx. :(   I would suggest you do whatever is going to stress you out the least. I imagine it's hard to let this stuff go though. Maybe try meditating and focusing on a healthy baby instead of the icky stuff going on outside.
Is anyone planning on encapsulating their placenta? Has anyone had this done in the past? Did you notice a difference with the "baby blues" or any other postpartum issues?   It runs about $200 in my neck of the woods but since I have a history of anxiety/depression, I think it might totally be worth it.
So 1More, why would you rather be pregnant forever rather than labor right now? The way you describe it makes it sound very manageable! :)   This is my first, so I have no idea what to expect. But at this point I'd give anything to NOT be pregnant! I'm feeling ok about it even though it's the crazy unknown.    My fears include: huge tears, c-section, other complications. I'm also scared I'm going to have a major meltdown and ask for an epidural.   I'm really...
  Yay Linnie! That is such good news!   I had an appointment today and it turns out I'll be getting one more ultrasound as well. The good news is that they think he's head down. The other news (not necessarily bad) is that I'm measuring ahead. The funny thing is that the student midwife took the first measurement and it came up at 41 weeks! She looked at the midwife like, um, I think I did this wrong! The midwife measured and said, I'm getting closer to 38 weeks. So I'll...
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