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Me too! I love my husband who does more household chores than I do! I really am lucky. My realm is the kitchen, I cook, bake and clean. But he really does almost everything else. I also work a 9-5 Monday through Friday and his schedule is much more flexible.   I LOVE fish and chips. Or Friday night "fish fries" as we say in Wisconsin. Preferably beer battered walleye, fries and coleslaw. Yum!
Oh my gosh, you ladies are so wonderful! I will definitely add B vitamin to the daily regimen of fish oil and D3.   Linnie, I love that your mom gets to be a "one upper" even when it comes to stressing out!   It really does make me feel better to know I'm not the only one who struggles with morbid thoughts. Thanks!
Yep, it's my first. And I'm so worried about something going very, very wrong. I have no reason to think it will. So far everything has checked out great! But my mom, who is training to be a doula, asked me a question from her book the other day, "When thinking about labor, what are you most scared of?" I said, "That he'll die." And she said, "Ok... but specifically with labor, what are you least looking forward to?" And I said, "That something will go horribly wrong and...
I LOVE this! Babes can be so insightful.   I'm also having a hard time imagining a baby in my arms. I said to dh the other night, I don't feel like it's real. It's hard to believe that what's going on inside my womb is going to translate into anything in the outside world... I know I'm anxious and worried that something will go horribly wrong (when does that feeling end?!). But I wish I could find a way to be more at peace during this last month.  
My mister will be working two states away 5/1 - 5/3 and my due date is 5/11. He's self employed and has had a really slow winter, so it's hard to turn down the work. I'll have family staying with me and my birth "team" includes three woman who will be in town during that time period, so I'm ok with it. Although I do get a little weepy to imagine him completely missing the big event.    I think the important thing is that you work it out together - without guilt trips...
Name: Poppy/Bonniejean Weeks/Days along:  33w 3d Appointments: Midwives on Wednesday, hopefully they will feel this little one head down. Symptoms:  Peeing constantly, itchy stretch marks, lots and lots of kicking! Food: Yes, please. Exercise:  Yoga, walking and I went swimming for the first time last week! It was a little strange, but eventually I got the hang of it. Body changes and other milestones: Swollen legs, feet, hands, face. Huge belly. Curly...
Thanks for the advice ladies!   Astraia, I'll have to ask my midwife on Wednesday is she could show me how to find the head. I think my placenta is in the front, so that might make it a little more difficult.   Today I've been having (twice) weird pulsating sensations right up in my vagina, which I think might be hiccups. This leads me to believe he's at least head down, no?   This whole thing has just been such a strange trip!
You two are so beautiful together. Blessings to your family!  
We've received tons of toys and clothes from friends. We've washed all of the clothes, but we're unsure what to do about the toys. Do they need to be cleaned? Do you clean toys when you get them from a thrift store or friends? I started looking into it online and some people talked about how you should even be cleaning new toys on a weekly or monthly basis... what?! I don't remember my mom ever cleaning our toys. She would clean my blankie only when she could get it away...
SO awesome! I love it!
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