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Since this is my first, I'm not exactly sure what to be looking for or what it will feel like. He's been pretty low throughout the pregnancy so I'm not even sure I'll be able to tell the difference.   For you experienced mamas out there, when do your babies usually drop and what does it feel like?   Thanks!
Oh my goodness, I love this! And of course, I'm crying.   My mom is a middle school science teacher and will appreciate it as well!
Onemore, that is SUCH wonderful news about DD2!  I follow a vegan/healthy food blog called "Peas and Thank You" written by a Portland mama and she just posted a list of questions that she and her husband tossed about when they recently got to go on a real, adult date! Here they are, if you're interested:   1.  What do you fear the most? 2.  What do you look forward to the most in the future?  3.  What things do you enjoy doing the most with me? 4.  If you won...
WOW! Congratulations Sky! What a beautiful name. I'm so glad you've been able to hold her. My love to you all!   This makes is so real for all of us! Crazy!
I also measured 35 w at my 32 w appointment this morning. And my midwife thinks it's because the baby has flipped! He seems to be head up now. They said they don't worry about it until 36 weeks so he has a month to make his way back down.   Swim towards the light Oscar! Swim towards the light!
I'm in a similar situation to Meredith, although this is my first. After our last ultrasound, when we really saw Oscar's face, there was no more chance of being intimate again until after the birth!   It took him a LONG time to start talking about the baby in general. I think he was nervous about it sticking and being real. But now he tells me that he loves me and he loves Oscar. It's the sweetest thing in the world!   He always asks how I'm feeling and what he...
My hennaed belly. And today is my shower! I'm so excited. :)  
So, around my 30th birthday (three years ago) I started getting massive panic attacks. I went on an SSRI for a year and then went off when things improved. I was fine until deep winter when I started getting anxious again and went back on. I went off about three months before trying to get pregnant and have been off ever since. I take mucho fish oil each day and a vitamin D supplement. Things have gone surprisingly well during this winter pregnancy!   Until last...
I can't wait!! :)
That lovely feeling, Onemore, is pelvic girdle pain (or symphysis pubis dysfunction). I've been dealing with this for a few weeks and it's become unbearable at times. I wear a pregnancy support belt at all times, and see the chiropractor twice a week. That seems to have helped. I sit down to put on pants, underwear, socks and shoes; it takes me forever to get in and out of my car; and I (try to) keep my knees together whenever I turn over in bed. It's a huge pain in the...
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