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HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROXI! I hope you have a wonderful day!!   Name: Poppy/Bonniejean Weeks/Days along: 30w 3d (66 days to go according to my awesome iPhone app!) Appointments: Midwife next week, every two weeks now. Birth class starts tonight! Chiro tomorrow - twice a week now. Symptoms: Lots of pelvic girdle pain. Ouch! Food: Craving protein. Lots of eggs, peanut butter and meat. Exercise: Yoga, walking and a million pelvic tilts a day. Body changes and...
I agree with ligaments. I've had a cold for the past week and have been coughing and blowing my nose constantly, but for some reason last Friday I coughed in such a way that sent tears streaming down my cheeks! I was at work and had to turn away from the door and I couldn't even talk for 30 seconds. It was so painful. And then it was gone! And it hasn't happened since. Weird.
Oh my goodness! I love how you got your nickname. I love puns, so if I was on that hiking trip with you, I may have died laughing!!   And of course, I love your son's name. We'll likely be naming this little guy Oscar and it's fun to see someone else using it. <3   So, what is your favorite part about being a parent? And how do you juggle your career with being a mama?
I agree with Cristeen, that I would be more relaxed without kids at my shower... but I already told some people (who asked) that they could bring their kids. The first woman who asked has a very well behaved 12 year old daughter, who I would love to have. But then, I felt I had to say yes to everyone... even my friend with two little ones under three. Whey they wouldn't want an afternoon "off" I don't know (I know that the dad will be around and could take care of...
Cristeen, that link to the Brewer Diet looks really interesting. Is this something you follow?  
I've had a 1/2 glass of wine a handful of times. And they were delicious!!
Forest, great idea about requesting samples!!!
Name: Poppy/Bonniejean Weeks/Days along:  29w 3d Appointments: Chiro tomorrow (two times a week for pelvic girdle pain) and midwives on Wednesday Symptoms: Horrible pelvic girdle pain (or SPD). Food: Anything. Chicken dumplings form the local Thai place, bananas, eggs, really, anything. Exercise: Yoga once a week, pelvic tilts, squatting and kegels EVERY DAY! Body changes and other milestones: Hair has stopped falling out, but acne is everywhere! Belly is...
Thoughts and prayers headed your way! You are a strong mama and I have a good feeling your son is just as strong!
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