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I think it is pretty selfish of you to not give him a child after he has taken on 2 kids that are not his. I had 4 kids when my hubby came aboard and I told him I will have as many kids as he would like as long as we were done by the time I was a certain age. Its the least I could do for him to come in and take my children as his own. Just my opinion 
These are so funny, to think if people actually tried to do these things we would go to jail, wish people to cut the boys would see how silly it is.
    OMG couldnt imagine I will add that to my list     
So with so many people removing foreskin to prevent infection or HIV thought we could get a list going of other things we can remove to prevent bad things from happening.    So what will you be removing from your new born to "prevent" future problems? (this is suppose to be funny lol)    I think I will be removing my daughters breasts after all it will prevent breast cancer right? 
My 4 year old wanted to be a cat but now she wants to be a devil cheerleader lol  The bay who will be like 3 weeks then is going to be a pea pod or something like that have not decided yet.
I have a 11 year old son and no problems ever.      [[SPOILER]] Same here but my hubby is 28
We are moving to Australia soon and I am wondering any links you can share where I can find out vaccine laws? My youngest is not vaccinated am I going to run into any problems?
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