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Hello, I am doing some market research on a possible business venture. It is a QUICK 10 question survey about purchasing from work at home moms. I would be very grateful for your input. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/BCNPYXN THANKS A BUNCH!
Jeeze, I wonder why you can't just say, "Hi, I work for Melaleuca. If you sign up as member under me I get a bonus. Once your a member you need purchase at least 35 points of products a month (adds up to about $50 a month.) I receive a 20% commission on all of your monthly orders. Your job, if you sign up with me, is to recruit people to spend $50 a month and then you make commission from their purchases."   There is a just bit more to it than this but that is how it...
Hello ladies! I am working on a midwifery website (beginning stages) and I am in need of some Midwifes in action pictures, such as, doing prenatal appointments, at a birth, holding baby, being with mom, postpartum, anything like that. Do you have any pictures such as those that I could use on the website? It would probably be good if whom ever else is in the photo(s) gives their permission for the pictures to be used. I can't go into too much detail about the site as of...
Giving this thread a little bump. I've got a new blog that I have been working on: http://theconsciouscreatrix.tumblr.com/   I try to keep a tight leash on it and not let it get rambley. I will be posting creative essays and articles as well. Follow me if you are interested. Thanks for taking a peak.   V.
Bump for some advice for the op.
Hello, I'd like to join this spunky group. I'm a married mom of two, who just recently started walking a lot. I like to walk long distances and I want to continue to add distance. I prefer to walk with my dog, because I live in the country where a dog, coyote or red neck could come out of no where and my dog helps me feel "safe."  I just adopted a dog from the animal shelter yesterday, so now I have two female dogs. I just hope this new one will fit in and learn to...
posted in wrong place.
I know I haven't posted much at all on this board and probably for the better as I have felt reserved and concerned throughout most of my pregnancy. On Friday I had an ultra sound and we learned that our baby had died. On Saturday I went in for an induction and I gently labored for 7 hours. My little boy is resting in his burial box that we have yet to bury because I am not ready to yet. I am absolute heart broken and I have never felt such pain. I did play along in the...
Thanks for the replies, I am feeling less worried knowing that it is a normal heart rate :)
Hello ladies. I am wondering (if you've heard your baby's heartbeat) what was the beats per minute? Today the midwife clocked them at 160 beats a minute. I feel like that is kind of high but she says it is normal at this stage; but none of my other babies were in the 160's (at least that I know of.)   So has your baby or previous babies had a high heart rate?   Thanks for sharing :)
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