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I love love the Samuel's Hope pouch! I have a PIP and just love it...but it is undyed and wouldn't it be so fun to have such a beautiful pouch??? *sigh* I already have WAY too many pouches (and my baby hasn't even been born yet)...Oh it really is so beautiful!! The painted desert is really lovely too...gosh....it really makes you think doesn't it? Christmas IS coming up....
Thank you all for the sweet comments! I am happy that you enjoyed the pictures - especially the one of my kitty sleeping in the sling! My only concern now is if my cat will feel jealous when the baby comes in a couple of weeks! Maybe I should learn how to sling them both, like twins? Just kidding! Thanks again everyone!
THanks so much! I think I got it to work! I've been wanting to share my pictures and finally got them back from the store!
I wanted to share with you a few pictures of my slings! This picture is of a maya-type sling I made with a pocket (the colors didn't turn out well in the picture, it has a dark sage green fabric and the floral is a beautiful red poppy print) http://img118.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img1...pysling9ud.jpg This picture is of my daughter, Mackenzie, carrying her doll, Buzzy, in the fleece sling I made for her. She was so proud (and silly) ...
I finally got my pics back from the store and would like to post them...BUT I've never posted a picture before. Would someone be so kind as to help me along?
Wow! So fun to read everyone's collections! Mine include: Pea in the Pod Pouch - natural color w/blue stitching Homemade: Stretch Cotton Pouch (reversible) - Retro pink/orange floral w/light orange inside (beautiful!!) Stretch Cotton ring sling - Denim-y look Stretch Cotton ring sling - Cool multi-blue stripe fabric Stretch Cotton pouch/sling hybrid - Cool multi-blue stripe fabric Working on: Fleece pouch - Spring green Non-stretch cotton reversible...
Thanks for replying! It was suggested to me that I just pin the pouch where I planned to sew the "smile" and try it on. Duh! It worked wonderfully! I wish I had a picture of this pouch - honestly, it's the most beautiful pouch I've ever seen! A cute retro print of pink and orange flowers on the outside and a super soft orange lining on the inside. And it has stretch too! I'm thrilled! My fat cat loves it (he is my 14 lb. tester) - I wore him for hours last night and the...
I am making my first pouch. I have no idea how to measure and then decide how long to make it!!! I would really love any advice on the matter. Is there a way to test it before it's completely finished? Thanks for taking the time to help!
My PIP has only the front "Mom and Me Creations" Tag, with no size listed. There is no other tag. Mine is about 60" long and I believe I purchased a large (on ebay). I'm sorry your sling doesn't fit! What a let-down. I really love this sling (it's my first and only so far, but I love it).
I am making my first adjustable pouch/ring sling (like babyspace) but am not sure what shoulder style to sew in. I want it to be really comfortable but have no idea what is most comfy to wear! I also would like it to have a sleeker look, but that is second to comfort. My size is 5'9", 14-16, I just wanted to point out that I'm not tiny! I would really love some feedback as to what shoulder feels the best to wear! Thank you so much!!
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