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We are doing BLW and it's going well, though he mostly plays with his food and just nibbles a bit here and there. He likes cantaloupe and curry the best. :)
No teeth yet here, though I feel like he's been working on them for months! I can see a teeny tiny point on the bottom but nothing has popped through yet.
K has been crawling since about 5.5 months and pulling up since the day he turned 7 months. Ordered some babyproofing stuff this weekend! It is amazing how much things change from one day to the next. I will not be surprised if he is walking by 9 months.
My son is 7 months old and has been using an Arm's Reach Co-sleeper/sleeping in our bed with us until now. Now that he is doing all manner of rolling over, crawling, sitting up, and starting to pull up, I am afraid he will be able to get out of the Arm's Reach, so we're finally looking at getting an actual crib. I was wondering if any of you have used mini cribs and how long they have lasted you. Obviously this is dependent on 1. how big the child is and 2. when you...
We took baby's first trip to the beach. He wasn't sure about all sand, sun, and water at first but he ended up loving it!
I am a working mom and when I pumped at work at 10 am this morning my breasts looked normal. When I went to feed my son at daycare at noon, I noticed what looks like a bruise on one of my breasts - into the areola and a bit outside of it. The spot is maybe 3/4 of an inch around and purplish, composed of tiny little dots and then some larger purple spots (hard to explain -sorry!). My first thought was mastitis, but I don't have any other symptoms - no pain, no fever. Is...
I guess I should give an update since I started this thread. K has been SO much better in the carseat since he was about 3 months old or so. He still cries in it sometimes, but he is quiet (or just babbling!) more often than he cries now. It was SOOOO hard there for a while! We couldn't go anywhere or if we did, I would be super super anxious and stressed out the whole time. We went on a trip about 3.5 hours away at Christmas and he cried the entire time. It was...
Thank you - this is all so helpful! I have a lot of reading to do. :) I am very interested in the idea of baby led weaning. It seems to make a lot of sense.
Hmm, I leave three 3 oz bottles (though usually I'm able to feed him at lunch, so then two 3 oz bottles) and sometimes my babe won't even eat that much. Three 5 oz bottles sounds like a lot! I am wondering if they are misinterpreting his behavior and thinking he's hungry when he's not. Do they have a lot of experience w/ breastfed babies?
As my babe turns 5 months on Friday, I'm already thinking toward next month when he could potentially start solid food. As a first time mom to an exclusively breastfed baby, the thought of solids is a little overwhelming! I know there are varying opinions about rice cereal - his pediatrician suggests it because of the iron content, but I know it's debated as far as whether they really need iron supplementation. What are you all planning to introduce first (and for moms...
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