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Life got busy and left little time for internetting ;-)   Gabriel Liam Blue came at 3:3am on September 2, 2012   He was our third UC, born in our bedroom by candlelight and sweatlodge music.   he weighed 8# even and was 20.25" long.   He is three weeks now and nursing like a champ!   Our family is blessed beyond measure!
Hi all, I have a 6yo dd who has become tough to manage in the past two to four months or so. I am thinking of taking her in for a mental health eval and just tonight came across ODD. I read the description and nearly cried because it described her to her every negative behavior. I am wondering if anyone here has this happening and how your family has handled it. It should be noted that she is a student at a Gifted & Talented school and I know that her level of...
So we have been listening with my crappy old doppler for about a week and a half-two weeks now...always picking up mid 140's late at night. Today at the MW appt we heard baby loud and clear at 157bpm! We found the placenta via the doppler and everything is checking out sweet and dandy!   We switched MWs from our first visit too. The first MW was really standoffish and we didn't mesh well. This one though, oh I like her a lot! She supports that we are only doing...
Hi all! I have had a super busy week at work but plan to do a few of these this weekend while my Fella is at DnD...Just watned to give an update!!
For sure! anyone who wants one, just send me a PM with your name, location and birthdate and I can read fro you! It will be next week before I get back to you though!
Hi Mamas...   I wonder if any mamas would like a tarot reading. I use both the Motherpeace Deck (but I am fairly new with using it...) and the Daughters of the Moon Deck.   If you'd like a reading let me know. I'll do a three card, a single card pull or a full spread for you....and for free :-D   peace... Rose
BWAHAHAHAHAAA!!! I laughed so hard Omgs!!
  uh, ya-huh. and orange juice with pulp. and apples. and manzanilla olives.
I'm 9w3d today and slowly starting to get a little bit of energy back. I'm not really so naseated anymore, which is wonderful! It seems like that symptom decreases in strength with each pregnancy. Love it.
I take a B complex and that helps...not just B6....
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