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Maryamrose - my doula referred me to a MAT Specialist in SF for my pelvic pain.  Fortunately mine resolved by itself by 6 weeks PP, so I did not end up using her. Thought I'd pass the info along though in case you're interested...     MAT Specailist Stacey Earl http://www.rebuildrestore.com
What wonderful news! Wishing you guys a smooth transition to life at home.
Astraia - can I ask what exercises you're doing for the diastisis recti?  I want to try to start doing something about mine, but don't know where to start.  My midwife didn't have any tips.
Really glad to hear she's doing so well, Cristeen!  If you are in need of extra freezer space, just let me know.  We are working through our PP food stash and have at least one completely open shelf in our garage freezer now.
Thanks, Rowdie!  Since DD is our last baby, we decided to splurge a bit on her pictures.   Your little Khaleesi is quite the cutie! :)
Oh my goodness, Cristeen, how scary!  What a blessing that they discovered the problem, though and have a treatment plan in place.  I know we haven't met IRL, but I'm right here in the East Bay.  If you find you need help with something, please don't hesitate to send me a message.  Sending prayers for your sweet baby!
Seeing all these adorable babies makes me smile!    Camille will be 5 weeks old tomorrow, but we just got her newborn photos from the photographer.  She was just 4 days old!  Here's one of my favorites...
Thank you ladies!  We think she's pretty cute, too...but we're just a little biased. 
Thank you for your kind words ladies!     Masel - I totally thought of you afterward!  It was nice to know I wasn't the only one possibly giving the neighbors a show.  Knowing our neighbors, someone would have been at our door Tuesday morning if they'd seen the ruckus, so I'm feeling pretty sure no one is any the wiser. 
Camille’s whirlwind birth story…   First, though, a bit about DS’s birth so you know my frame of reference going into it this time.  With DS I had 5 minute apart contractions for hours 1 & 2, then they jumped to crazy minute-long, minute-apart, double-peaking contractions from there on out.  Got to the hospital at hour 8 and was only 2cm.  Had an epidural at hour 11, started pushing at hour 22, and finished with a vacuum delivery at hour 25.   So, Sunday night I...
New Posts  All Forums: