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My edd is june 25th. This is my second. My first just made a year this month on the 11th.
Hen my daughter was about five months, she began mooching. She wanted our food. When gave her a utensil n so etimes that was it, but most times, shed throw it to the ground and reach again for our food. We started just putting her in the high chair and giving her tiny pieces of food. She is now almost nine months and eats many things even older kids dont like. Shes always refused baby foods and even baby food brands with the exceptioon of freeze dried yogurt and fruit....
Nope, no sloppy joes. Change of plans. We had shrimp tacos on ancient grain tortillas, with baby romaine, guacamole made with unrefined coconut oil and apple cider vinegar, pico de gallo and sour cream/ sirracha sauce. Was so good.
We are having organic homemade sloppy joes on whole wheat buns, mashedsavory sweet potatoes and green peas. We dont eat much bread, and wish there were some other option for this, but other than potatoes, im clueless.
I justmake smothered chicken and rice. Lol My family acts like its amazing. I rinsse chicken, pat dry, rub with salt and pepper. Cook, turning until outside is all a dark golden color, or light brown. Slice onions paper thin and brown. Add onions and chicken back to pan. Add water up to almost cover chicken. Add garlic, salt and pepper. Simmer until liquid goes down. It will be thin. Just keep cooking it until chicken is done all through. Serve over rice. We call it...
My husband wants me to wean at one. He has also pulled the 'consequences " thing out. He does it often. He is upset that she is more attached to me, and that i cannot leave her alone with him for very long at all without her needed me and flipping her lid. I have no advice, only to tell you im here with ya. He has went as far as to say we cannot have any more children or that he wouldnt go this route again. Its so sad. If there ever is a next time, i would just make sure...
I make my own body wash/ shampoo with castile soap and usually just wash my hair with baking soda and water.for lotion, i use coconut oil. These work well for my whole family.
I have a silly question... You take the co in the morning and evening, as well as the asv... But, how do you eat with it? Is this along with regular meals? Do you calorie count? If you take more co, how do you adjust your eating? I have about twenty pounds i have to lose for health reasons, and i am nursing as well. I really need to know.
I don't know if you are still looking for suggestions or not, but we began having this issue a few years ago, and we came up with a fear easy solution that doesn't involve any fighting, anger, etc. We simply set a rule that if the teeth weren't brushed in the morning, breakfast wouldn't be eaten. Eventually, hunger gets the best of them, and they WILL do as they are supposed to. It was a natural consequence to their actions, and not something that was decided by anyone...
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