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How scary! Poor sweet baby. Did it seem like the rash bothered her (besides being inconsolable), or it just looked really frightening? Either way, wow-I'm sorry that you had to go through that, but glad your baby is okay now. That sucks they couldn't say exactly what it was--mysterious illness!! I hope you & yr girl are recovering nicely, despite the stress and annoying family.
Not a toy, but our son loves the high-contrast board books we have (Look, Look and Baby Animals). He's 4 weeks old and has been fascinated by those books since the day we brought him home. It is so fun to watch him look at them
our pediatrician said it was normal, too. orryn had several meconium poops at the hospital but after we left he had no poops for two days... then when we were at the ped's office the first time & undressing him to be weighed he pooped on their scale :) he's just an infrequent pooper. i chart wet/dirty diapers a day on a piece of paper over the changing table... he goes 2-4 days between poops and then has a mega poop. and like 10-14 wet diapers a day. i think as long as...
Good luck, cristeen!!!
We also use cloth wipes (flannel), but we use an airport (like for coffee) to keep warm water in to wet the wipes--sometimes I add some baby shampoo to it
Amazing! Wonderful story--congratulations!
Congratulations, Maryam! He's very charming--so much personality in his wee face already
  mine... i haven't been wearing it as much as i ought; a few hours each day, if i'm not too lazy. it does feel nice :)
we used the pampers they had at the birth center while we were they, & then 7th gen for about a week, then switched to cloth (gmd yellow edge + thirsties size 1). they look big on him, but not as big as on yr little guy, meredith, but almost! orryn was 7 lbs 6 oz at birth & was 6lbs 11oz when we left... not sure what he weighs now, he's 3 weeks today :)   the prefolds look big on the babies on the gmd website,...
That is a great idea idea about wearing him, if I can get the carrier sorted right Hug hold in moby (he slumps and his chin goes down, I guess I need to make it tighter!!), cradle hold/tummy to tummy in rs, and yeah, we have the infant insert and his head still slumps forward (I think that needs to be tighter, too). We have some friends coming over tomorrow, I hope they do baby wearing and have one of these so they can help with putting them on....
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