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Ugh, sorry you are having terrible tooth pains, cristeen! Teeth are so weird. It always creeps me out when I think about what they are (bones that extrude from yr flesh!). I need to visit the dentist, too, to have cavities filled... Not sure how I will manage that with breastfeeding? Just nurse him before my appt? Things are going great with Orryn! We've been using the cloth diapers, nursing a lot, sleeping and waking and reading him stories... When my mom was here we...
That was quick! Welcome to hour baby girl! So cute, and what an exciting story to tell her.
such charming, happy babies :)    ou little boy, orryn:        
Wow, you are awesome! Congratulations on your son
I'm annoyed with my FIL who is here--he smokes a pipe and I would like him to hold his grandson, but he also smells terribly of smoke and it makes me nervous. Plus he keeps saying I should put baby in the nursery at night--"that's what they make those boxes for" (monitors). At least it is only one night. Sucks, Maryam. I thought I would be in your position about now (my mom is here, too). I hope you can shut out the annoying suggestions! I think we are all in for heaps...
I woke up at 3am on April 29 with mild contractions. I’d been having Braxton Hicks the past couple nights, but these felt more real. I started timing them; they were coming every 10-7 minutes. Around 5am they were coming every 5 minutes so we called the midwife but she said to just wait it out since they weren’t noticeably painful.  I couldn’t sleep so I got up, ate breakfast, went online & etc. The contractions continued throughout the day but both the midwife & our...
hooray congratulations! so fun to see the babies start parading in, now :)
Orryn Anton, April 30, 2012, 2:15 pm, 7lbs, 6oz. 21 inches :)   23 hours of labor, unmedicated water birth at a birth center--it was amazing. we came home this morning, so happy!  
so sweet! congratulations :)
hooray! congratulations :)
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