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mine changed to may 2 (ultrasounds). but they said we could use may 5 if i go to 42 weeks on may 2... i hope to have the baby before that happens, tho :o
i saw this on diaperswappers, about using flips on a newborn: http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1052745&highlight=newborn+cover
i'm always super thirsty, but especially if my husband turns the heat on. it's been dropping to the high 30s at night so sometimes he puts it on, tho i don't mind the cold and would rather just snuggle in bed with a blanket than have the heat on. but yeah, even if it isn't dry in the house i have been drinking a lot of water and juice. of course i have to get up and pee a lot, too, in the middle of the night. and in the morning i'm so famished, i need a drink right away....
aw how funny. we were thinking of ylva if we had a girl :) elva was my grandmother's name. i like the more unusual names that are still names--not many people have my name (roxanne) and i always appreciated that. my husband has an uncommon name, too.     
i used to make books / work in rare books libraries and this is what we used for that stuff: Lineco Neutral pH Adhesive i think it would work for ribbon + paper--just scrape on a very thin amount. that might get messy tho... maybe someone has a better idea.   i have tons of these reproductions 1910s postcards that i had made for our wedding (in lieu of a guestbook) that i've been using for thank you's to baby gifts we've been receiving... i collected the original...
  Weeks/Days along: 36 weeks, 4 days Appointments: midwife on thursday... last week i had the b strep and blood test for iron?? for some reason--is that normal? & i keep calling the local hospital because they have a car seat installation program and i need to make an appointment, but they never call me back!!! it's been a week!! i guess we can just install it and it will be fine but i wanted to be sure it's in there correctly Symptoms: i am a ball Food: i made a...
have you used an herbal sitz bath? i am thinking about buying loose herbs to mix together & looked up some recipes--it seems less expensive to order the herbs (no place to buy them locally) than buying a premade bath... i will probably order from mountain rose herbs (i got my RRL and nettle from there, tastes so much better than the traditional medicinals kind) or monterey bay spice co.   so, i think i'll get 4 oz. each of comfrey, uva ursi, yarrow, witch hazel,...
what about ada? and he could call her cicada as a pet name, like a littlesandy's niece.
let's see... -$50.00 SGD (equals -$41.02 USD); i paid via paypal (1 U.S. Dollar = 1.21916 Singapore Dollars)
i read that some people wear their underwear over it and then sort of scrunch it up to use the restroom :)
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