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astraia i think i did 3 layers of batting... 2 might be fine? the factory-made mattresses that come with those things are not very thick, themselves.
what are some of your favorite books?   how long were you in japan? what was really amazing about living there?
      astraia, i made a mattress for our moses basket by making a pattern with a grocery bag and layering wool batting and covering it with muslin with a selfmade bias tape binding--i tied it with yarn using a piece of cardboard as a guide. it was pretty easy. i am not sure if it is super safe or whatever?? but it fits in the basket perfectly and looks the same as $$$ amish made mattresses for moses baskets i was looking at online.    i had the weirdest dream last night...
omg, rowdie, you are amazing!
the $1 store had these balsam wood birdhouses so i bought four of them... that plus some embroidery hoops, twine & string and paint & decorative paper from other projects... i like painting wee things, it is soothing :) i have to find a good place to hang it in baby's nursery. i think i will put something interesting on the bottom of the birdhouses for baby to look at but i'm not sure what, yet.    
  Name: roxi Weeks/Days along: 34 weeks, 4 days Appointments: went to new practice in dayton on friday (so we can use the birth center!)--met with an OB who was really nice, but the 4 CNMC they have on call are the ones who attend the births... our next appt in at 36 weeks (& we'll fill out paperwork for the birth center) and then it goes to every week! so soon! anyhow, happy that we decided to use the birth center--i am excited to try for a waterbirth. hopefully...
how tiny her hands are! so sweet, glad she is doing so great :)
do people rent pumps? that's what i was planning on, if i do need one... i have no idea how expensive that is tho, so it is helpful to read all the recommendations for buying one.   thanks for all the advice re: hospital vs. birth center. i had a prenatal with my midwife here today and she told my that her daughter is having a baby around may 10 (my due date is may 2), so she might be gone (in which case i'd get an ob from the same practice, whoever is on call). so...
wow, so tiny and darling! glad she is doing great--sending you good wishes!
i feel like i would like the water birth option but i have no clue what will happen during labor or if i will even use it... it seems like a lot of people plan to and then don't? my CNM here is kind of cold & business-like, but our friends who used her had great birth experiences which is all i really care about. i know having to go to dayton & back in the last 4 weeks or so would be stressful and annoying, so i like the ease of just sticking with what i'm already signed...
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