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Thanks Poppyseed.  My midwife did say that they have a high percent of fails - I think she called it a false positive for the first test.  I have definitely had more of a sweet tooth than I normally do since being pregant (no more Oreo cookies for me).  I do generally eat healthy - mostly fresh whole foods, other than the cookie thing. I'll let you know how it turns out.  
I just found out that I failed the first screening test and need to do the longer one. I'm bummed - but I guess I'd rather know if I have gestational diabetes than not know, so that I can really focus on correcting my blood sugar levels. 
I just started drinking red raspberry leaf tea last week. I was in the tea shop yesterday buying some more and the shop owner asked me how far along I am. I told her that I'm 29 weeks. She told me not to start drinking it. I was very surprised - you would think she'd want me to buy a lot and drink it up and buy more. Anyway, she said it could bring on early labour and this is too early.  I just shrugged and then she told me to check with my midwife. I haven't asked the...
Due date is May 6th and we're having a baby GIRL!!!
Hi Reno - I just passed the 16 week mark and I still haven't felt anything yet. This is also going to be my first and I have a tilted uterus. A couple of weeks ago, I had an ultrasound and I asked the tech if my uterus had straightened out or if she could see if it was still tilted. She told me that if I hadn't told her I had tilted uterus she wouldn't have known, which I'm assuming meanst that it has straightened out. Maybe you can't tell from ultrasound though, who...
What a relief to know that it's not harmful to the baby, as long as I'm comfortable. I'm used to sleeping on my back and for the past week I've been struggling with sleep on my side. Tonight's sleep is going to be great 
I started to have a little more pain.  I ended up getting the antibiotics because I was worried that things would progress this weekend and I'm going to be helping my sister give birth (she is being induced on Sunday), so I want to make sure this gets cleared up. I had also read about the complications and that scared me.  I'm just starting my 16th week.  It sounds like the type of UTI can be recurrent, so I'm glad I got the cranberry capsules and I will keep on taking...
This is such good news, Meredith. I'm so glad baby is doing well. Rest well.
Thanks polishprincezz and maryamrose. I think I will give the water and cranberries a chance since my symptoms aren't too bad right now.  Most of what I read says that cranberries are ineffectual at curing the infection, but the studies don't mention also taking lots and lots of water - so maybe the water is really the key if it's acting as a flushing agent. 
My midwife called today and told me that the results from my urine sample show that I have a urinary tract infection.  I hadn't really noticed any symptoms - though now that I know I am paying more attention and realize that the little aches here and there aren't just because my uterus is growing.  My midwife gave me 2 options. She said that I could go on antibiotics or I could try to treat it naturally with cranberry tablets and lots of water.  When I went to the...
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