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Mine was 28+28= 56 (inc 6 months of tandem!)
Hi,   Bumping up this thread - can any of the original posters comment please on whether this ended up working for them? My mother is suffering from anxiety/depression and bordering on schizo - I would like to try niacinamide but have read it only works if you start early enough - does anyone have any experience with this - did you try it in the early stages i.e. when you first started feeling anxious or well into it?   Thank you for any help!
Hi,   A friend's 4 month old son has been diagnosed with a testicular cyst (it is fluid) - doctor is recommending surgery just to be on the safe side but she wants to see if it regresses on its own.   Anyone have any experience with this? I have read Zinc supplementation might help - also castor oil packs helped with my ovarian cyst but not sure it can be used for testicular cysts?   Thanks for any help!
Don't think the old blog critique threads are being looked at anymore so am posting this here - would appreciate any feedback you can provide for me - I'll do the same for you if you like! The link to my blog is:   http://naturallysta.blogspot.com/   It's about natural remedies for children but is quite informally written.   What I'm primarily looking for is:   -- ideas for future posts -- feedback on style/layout   Thank you so much! Do send over...
Thank you for your reply and for sharing your experience! My kids do tend to remember it the next day for e.g. my daughter thought there were alligators in her bed and woke up in the next morning saying she remembered being afraid of them :( I did ask my ped about it a couple of days ago and she said it was normal with high fever so I am somewhat relieved although it's still a little scary :)   Thanks again! xx
You know I'm in a similar boat to you! After I stopped bf my daughter a couple of years ago, my cycles just have not been the same either - mine turned out to be borderline PCOS and my hormones were all out of whack :( I have been really bad about fixing it - but the easiest natural fixes are diet related, low carbs, more protein and adding more Vit D. I was severely Vit D deficient before my pregnancies and I bf both my kids long term so I think that really kicked the...
Echinacea! If you start dosing at the first sign of the sniffles, it often nips it in the bud straight away. I also love GSE and Vit C and you can do a mega tonic of mixing all 3 up into some watered down juice and administer throughout the day. With homeopathic, you have to be a little careful as the right remedy selection is key.   Hope your little one feels better soon! xx    
Hi all,   My kids both frequently spike high fevers (around 104 usually) when they get sick - most often, it is only a 24h thing but sometimes when it's a nasty virus, it will last for a few nights and they start hallucinating - I don't medicate fevers at all but it bothers me that they get that upset - I usually try homeopathy in such cases which helps them sleep but does anyone else have any experience with such hallucinations or any info to suggest those...
Who said the twos were terrible?! I had terrible threes for both my children. Can totally relate, like so many of you - my 3 yo (turning 4 this month, signalling a change I hope!) daughter has the same sort of clothing drama as yours PennyRoo except hers is dresses *rolls eyes*. I have struck a deal with her for one day on, one day off and to my shame, I do sneak in things that look like dresses a couple of times in the week (longer shirts, "dress shirts" we call them!)....
Thanks for the info..I never actually thought of gluten being an issue..my son is such a bread fan, I'm dreading that possibility but will definitely give that a shot (no pun intended!) to rule it out.   xx
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