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I second Kennesaw Pediatrics.  I have 3 children 8, 6, and 3 and none of them have had ANY vaccines.  I signed a waiver, and that was the last thing mentioned to me.  Of course I made it VERY clear that I would not be vaccinating unless I very strongly felt that the benefits outweighed the risks...which I don't forsee happening!    Good Luck!  
I just ranted about this on my FB page.  I am infuriated at the fact that they made a correlation between co-sleeping and allowing your baby to sleep with a cleaver!!  Unbelievable!!!
So my kids came down with what presented as the good ol' fashion flu.  One at a time they got sick each one the day after the next.  I found out that their cousin, who they had been playing with a few days before had a confirmed case of strep.  I wasn't going to take them to the doctor, but decided that I should have the strep test done to see if that was what I was dealing with.  The rapid strep came down negative for all 3 of them.  The next day, my oldest daughter...
emailing you offline.
in Atlanta area...looking too!   subbing.
I always would put mine in the bath around that time.  For mine..a bath would rejuvenate them...even for just an hour or two.  Good Luck!  I remember that time well...in fact I still run into it with my two year old.  When she stopped napping altogether...she had that same witching hour thing again.  Awww...8 months old are so yummy!  I miss that age.  
My firstborn just had his 7th birthday several days ago, and as if that in and of itself wasn't emotional enough...it reminded me that it has now been 7 years straight that I have been nursing a babe. My youngest will be 3 in Feb...and it def. looks like she is tapering off. I think there is a good chance she will self wean by her birthday. Being that she is my last baby, I know that once she weans, I will never nurse again. The sentiment carries so many different...
I have heard WONDERFUL things about her. I had a fantastic childbirth instructor/doula who had many positive experiences with Lonnie. I believe I heard some good things about her through some La Leche League meetings as well. Good Luck!
I am all new to this sourdough thing. I just captured my wild yeast on the counter top using the method of starting sourdough that has been floating around this forum. Okay...so now today I decided to make my dough. DUHHHHH...I forgot to leave out some of my starter to keep, and mixed it all together with my flour, salt, and oil. Now it is rising on my stove top. Can I keep some of that to use as a starter for next time? What is up? And if so...how do I do it. Do I...
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