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Dr. Jill Dickerson PAPP Clinic 15 Cavender St Newnan, GA 30263 (770) 253-6616 (Office)   Our current pediatrician. She's also very flexible with vaccination schedules and is breastfeeding friendly.
Dr. Denise Punger COQUELET & PUNGER FAMILY MEDICINE P.A. 4640 South 25th, ST  Fort Pierce, Florida, 34981 772-466-8884 http://twofloridadocs.com/   Dr. Punger was my daughter's family doctor back when we were living in Florida. She's very flexible with vaccinations and is ok with either non-vax or creating your own schedule. She's also an IBCLC and is very AP friendly. Also the author of the book "Permission to Mother". I can't recommend her enough!
Hey! Just moved from the PSL area and wish I could've met you! Not sure if you're looking for a doctor for you or your kids but I've got to recommend this family practice http://twofloridadocs.com/ . Dr. Punger is awesome and very supportive of the AP lifestyle and breastfeeding. She's also an IBCLC so if you need any help with that. Also, if you're looking for breastfeeding support or even just to meet other like minded AP moms you may want to check out Le Leche League...
Hello all,   My family and I moved from South Florida to Georgia  back in February and recently found out we're expecting baby #2 (yay!) I had a home birth in water with my first and it was an AWESOME experience. I was hoping to having another home birth with baby #2 but am having some difficulty finding a midwife that offers home birth services, particularly in Coweta County (south of Atlanta). I really want to avoid having a hospital birth, but I'm also concerned...
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