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momoofGBI tried pumping but it will also open open because of how the cut is positioned.It is on the right side of the tip, and since the cut is a bit deeper it keeps opening up.Overall it has gotten a bit better but I have been dealing with the wound for almost 4 weeks now.I have to let him nurse once or twice a day because I started getting painful blocked ducts.I put lanolin, but I think I will give coconut oil a try.
Hi! I'm located near Frankfurt am Main and participating in English language la leche league meet ups as well as English speaking mom meets ups in a child friendly café in the city Our moms are from the US, Ireland, the UK and many European countries, often with bilingual children. The meet ups are open to anyone, so if you would like to stop by some time, feel free to message me here! I have a 2 1/2 year old boy btw. and am currently a SAHM but will be returning to work...
Maybe she doesn't need much napping and would do better with more night time sleep? My son is this way, he stopped napping when he was little, but increased his night time zzz's. With naps he would be the same way, cranky, constantly trying to nurse back to sleep and then more clingy for the rest of the day. When he was like that we kept him awake during nap time and he went to bed earlier. Not sure if this fits in your shedule but I thought I'd mention it.
I guess this is more of a rant than a question, but my son has just went through a 2 month long phase where he wouldn't sleep without my nipple in his mouth, which he hasn't done since being a newborn. He kept suckling the whole night, which honestly was pretty annyoying also because he kept switching sides (I lean over enough). That and the constant suckling, grabbing and nipple tweaking kept me awake. I felt like a Zombie! Then it just so happened that he bit me badly in...
I tested negative to Gluten but I have eliminated all grains from my diet and feel great and my Hashimoto's is gone too. The inflammation in my body went down. I had more health issues than that, and that is why I switched to a Paleo diet, with lots of raw foods even. Maybe a bit more fruit and veggies than some, but meat too. I did not care that it was restrictive, because 8 was so tired of being sick and falling apart on the outside too! (Hair loss, skin problems,...
Sounds fine to me also. He was weaned a bit too sudden it seems. I do think he might lose interest, if not a little bit of comfort nursing should be totally fine. At least it will calm whatever he is missing. I don't think he is too old either, older than most but children are designed to nurse until 6/7 ish if they must.
Weirdly my family became more supportive and accepting! Even my grandmother. I do nurse in front of them though and talk openly about benefits, studies and how society changed the view on breastfeeding. I even talk about the norm in primal times (up to 6 yrs!). I am not sure how much you share with your family but that helped! As far as my husband goes - he is very supportive. But a year ago he felt it might be okay to wean our lo at 2, I said "no, child led weaning it...
My son (2 yrs.) speaks German and English and has no speech delay, he is just average. German would be classified as a language with "other sounds" I guess . To me that sounds pretty crazy...it is not like they are attached 24/7 and never get to speak!
HmHmm, I first experienced it after my period came back 1 year postpartum. My son started nursing less at night too.I do take iron tablets. But they never helped to stop it. The dose is quite high and my iron in the higher normal range.I basically shed from:Dec.11-April 12October 12- Dec. 12 - March 13July 13 - ???
YeYes, my thyroid is fine. Even my prolactin is stable at the moment. It is really weird.
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