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Hello all I have read the entire thread and am sorry I have been to busy to reply. We found out yesterday that we are having another girl. We told the kids we were having a baby yesterday too. The ultrasound doc told the kids how they could use a small flashlight to play with the baby and now they chase me with a flashlight. We are naming our new daughter Lucianna Helen. Lucianna means gracious light of God and Helen is after dh's mom (she died almost 12 years...
  it is a girl! the kids are so excited they didn't know we were pregnant until yesterday. The u/s doc told them that the baby can see light and that they should play with a flashlight on my belly. Now all they do is chase me with a flashlight.
Guess: Girl Appointment Date: 10-18 Its a...   DH is convinced it is a girl. I think so too but not as strongly as he does. I am so excited for tuesday. Not only do we hope for the big reveal, but that is the day we are finally telling the kids. They are going to be so excited.
Here is the interview we did about type 1 diabetes.   http://www.wfmj.com/global/video/flash/popupplayer.asp?ClipID1=6336274&h1=Cousins+for+A+Cure&vt1=v&at1=News&d1=117933&LaunchPageAdTag=Search+Results&activePane=info&rnd=76708406   I think it turned out well
Our youngest is 4 and we have nothing left. So as I see stuff at consignment sales or thrift stores I pick up one or two things. I am hitting fabric sales too. There is a big consignment sale soon that I am going to check out I am hoping to find a swing. All my babies love the swing and they are great for getting a quick shower. And a stroller. i am not one to get a bunch of big stuff. I will look at the clothes too. I do sew and crochet. So As soon as I find out if...
Yep I have it but over the years I have gotten some even when not pg! And my Boobs have grown two cup sizes. I feel like one of those kids punching bags that is off balance and woobly
has anyone ever been to a red wagon sale? I signed up for the mailing list and since I am pregnant I was eligible for the pre-sale I get 2 hours before anyone else (me and other pre-sale Moms). Lots of gently used big ticket baby items and tons of clothes for all ages of kiddos. And I will know the gender if Butter Bean here cooperates on the 18th. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions? Is it worth my time? Are the prices reasonable? I can take one other person with me.
So many awesome ideas. I wanted the family to be a s'more. Dh and I the graham crackers and the kids the chocolate and marshmallow. But the kids wanted to be pirate's so I thought the bump could be the marshmallow and Dh could have chocolate on his graham cracker. But Dh won't do it. :( . So now I have no clue. I may go with a sarcastic t-shirt  
cameragirl-congrats on the boy! The pictures were awesome too!   I must agree with everyone! Babies are only as expensive as u make them. We will get a crib and a car seat and then search yard sales for clothes. We did find a 3 in 1 crib that will turn into a full bed.   afm: it is a busy week dh had a colonoscopy yesterday, wendesday is my day to help at school, Thursday o/b in the am then we drive 2 hrs to my brothers so my ds and niece can be interviewed by...
I am sorry I haven't been on for a few days. But as the mother, sister, and Aunt of diabetics I assure you your numbers are just fine. When you see numbers in the upper 200's 4 hrs after eating anything then you should worry, As a pp mentioned pregnancy is considered a semi diabetic condition, Hormones can cause some crazy # spikes.
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