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Sharing the trail with grizzlies with our 9 month old daughter, Whitehorse Wildland, Alberta
      Backpacking with a willing 2 yr old rider, Skyline Trail, Jasper National Park, Alberta
Beautiful backpack trip May Long Weekend with our 2.5 yr old, Willmore Wilderness, Alberta
Most posts I have read about pumping at work are related to moms who are pumping for their younger babies. My question is related to pumping at work for a 1 yr old.  I have returned to work 4 days per week (M-Th) and want to continue my breastfeeding relationship with my now 1 yr old daughter.  I breastfeed often when we are at home together (i.e., every 2-3 hrs) and my daughter does not eat a lot of solids; she really seems to prefer the breast. On work days I...
We use cloth diapers when we are home but I admit that I LOVE G diapers with disposable insert.  They are super-absorbent.  We use them all the time for travel, including camping and backpacking because they are so light, can be buried or even burned.  For an overnight diaper you use 2 inserts and it works so well. Leaks are rare in our experience.
New Posts  All Forums: